I7 2600 vs i7 2600k Performance

Hi all:

I know this question has come up a few times already but after reading the responses I'm not yet sure what the correct answer is;

if I do not intend to overclock the CPU, is there a difference in performance between the i7 2600 and i7 2600k?

I don't feel comfortable building my own system which leaves me with OEM stock systems. There are some i7 2600-based units that seem quite reasonable on Dell's website. I read an article on this site comparing CPUs for World of Warcraft and the 2600k appeared to score the highest. Since I cannot get a 2600k from Dell is the i7 2600 going to provide the same results?

Although I appreciate that other CPU's (i.e. 2500K) may be a better option, again, I'm just looking for a stock system that will allow me to hit ultra settings in WoW.

Thanks for all your help. This stuff if very confusing to me.
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  1. No, there isn't any difference. just that the "K" means it can be O/C's You will still have hyper threading WITH THE i7 2600K. So K means just over clocking. Well, If your not doing intense video conversion and stuff like that. Looks like the i5 2500/2500K would be a great gaming platform. :)
  2. If you are building a H67 based system, then the 2600K will give you the 12 execution unit integrated graphics (vs 6 EUs). If you are building a P67 based system without overclocking, then both CPUs will behave the same with the only exceptions being that the i7-2600 will be able to do VT-d virtualization (2600K only has VT-x) and Trusted Execution Technology.
  3. The standard non-K versions of the Sandy Bridge processors should be fast enough to run any game at its highest settings provided they are paired with a powerful enough graphics card.

    For gaming and the usual running-several-programs-at-once multitasking that everybody seems to do, the i5-2500 will be good enough. It's only when you regularly run programs that take advantage of Hyperthreading (Photoshop, media conversion programs, etc.) that the i7-2600 gives a significant boost.

    Since WoW doesn't take advantage of more than one or two cores, get the 2500. Hell, even an i5-2400 would be powerful enough, as it's only 200MHz behind the 2500.

    Use the money saved from the 2400 or 2500 CPU to get a better video card. The default ones the Dells come with suck. I'd recommend at least the 5770 from them.
  4. Thanks for all the advice!

    I have very limited knowledge of the various options/configurations and will just buy a stock system.

    Dell's advertising an XPS desktop i7 2600 (3.4 GHz) with 8 GM DDR3 SDRAM and 1024 MB Radeon HD5450 for $880. I thought this might be a suitable system for me if I swapped out the GPU for a GeForce GTX 460.

    Note that I play WoW only - I don't do video editing or any other gaming. I'm just looking for a pre-built system which will allow me playability on ultra settings.

    Thanks again!
  5. Note that standard Dell power supplies may not support power-vampires like the GTX 460. You could try it, but it may not work.
  6. Apparently the power supply is 460W. Will that be sufficient?
  7. 10pn2s said:
    I'm just looking for a pre-built system which will allow me playability on ultra settings.

    Well, depends on what frame rates you expect at ultra settings...and on what game, what op sys, etc.

    My one EVGA GTX 580 SC paired with an i7 2600 k and SSD's gets me between 55 and 90 FPS on modern first person shooters with everything maxed out. A 460? Between 30 and 35 FPS @ 1920x1200 in BFBC2, for example:


    You might spring for a 570 if you can... I think you'd be happier.
  8. 10pn2s said:
    Apparently the power supply is 460W. Will that be sufficient?

    Put the specs in a Power supply calculator (like this or this one).

    I punched in something close to what you're looking at and its saying around a 550-575W supply. They don't have LGA1155 chips listed...but I picked a 'close' LGA1156. If the case uses a standard supply... you're looking at a $80 (give or take... closer to $50 if a rebate is acceptable) power supply to add to the system. Good luck!
  9. Get an HP--Dell's use cheaper parts. HP's suck too though compared to building yourself.

    If you're only putting a GTX 460 in it, an i5-750 can handle a second in SLI. But it's probably not cheaper to get an i5-750 than a 2500, so you should get the 2500 (or 2400).
  10. I bought the new Dell xps 8300 for 1,099 at bestbuy and this thing screams. I7 2600 with radeon 5770. Everything on ultra my fps never drops below 60 and it looks amazing. My wife watches movies on a separate monitor while I play and if you want it supports a third monitor as well for eyefinity all off one card. This thing not only demolishes wow, it does it while you got 50 other programs running lol. 5770 is overkill for wow a gtx 460 would just be pointless. In 25 man raids my fps actually goes above 60 sometimes lol. Great pc buy it u won't regret it
  11. Well, I wouldn't be able to get Sb till this motherboard fiasco is cleared up. Glad I didn't go butt first when they came out. It's always a good idea I guess to wait till the product is a bit seasoned.
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