Two Windows 7s Problem

Although I'm not quite 100% sure that this belongs in this section but....
Here's my problem.

I had two hard drives in my computer. I was planning on moving over to me 3.5" 7200 RPM drive, as i was originally on my 5400RPM drive. My Windows 7 Setup is on my original HDD with Win7 already on it. So I formatted the 7200 RPM drive and tried installing it onto it, my computer shut off midway (for whatever reason) and then the HDD died. Reformatted it and tried putting new data onto it, everything just got corrupt.
ANYWAYS. So that drive is out of my system now, but now when i start up my computer it acts as if there's 2 Windows 7s.
Before the computer actually starts up windows it brings me a screen that says:

Windows 7
Windows 7
[EMS] Windows Setup (something along those lines)
Windows 7 x64 Diagnostic (something along those liens again)

I have no idea how this happened because I didn't even touch my 5400RPM drive when installing Windows.
I checked for any partition that possible would have another Windows on it, but couldn't find anything, but the unallocated sections are split, but.. they're unallocated.
Either way a hugee pain cause the Windows 7 on the top is the default one, but that is the one I cannot boot off of, so actually having to pay attention when I start up my computer... is just inconvenient.

Any help to solve this problem would be great.. And I would buy a new HDD but I'm pretty much broke right now
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  1. You made the mistake of leaving both drives connected when installing Windows, so Windows Setup assumed that you wanted to install a second copy of Windows in a Dual boot configuration. You should only have had one hard drive connected when you installed Windows, that's a golden rule.

    Disconnect the drive you no longer want to have Windows on.
    Boot from the Windows Setup disc and delete any existing partitions.
    Create a new, single partition which fills the entire drive.
    Install Windows on the new partition.

    You can re-connect and re-format the other hard drive after the Windows installation is completely finished.
  2. Use easyBCD to edit the boot menu and get rid of the failed win7 installation.
  3. Thanks. Quick to install and easy to use.. EasyBCD I see what they did there.

    The having only one hard drive thing. I've installed Windows with more than one hard drive at a time in, because Windows Setup specifically asks what HDD/Partition. Sooo I don't see how it messed up, but I will keep this in mind for the next time
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