480gtx or monitor?

I recently bought a 480gtx and was having isues w/ flickering and lines only noticable in certain shades (flickering always noticable)and i tried vsync no luck. So i eventually tried hooking up my pc w/ hdmi to my 32in lcd tv and the flickering was gone. i run in 1080p also i'd like to mention i didnt have these lines until about a day after installing can it be my monitor cant keep up with the refresh which is set at 60mhz cant go any higher its a 23" lg. So anyone have a sugestion or two would be a help thank you
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    Were you using a DVI cable with your monitor? Perhaps it is a bad cable. Try another and see if that gets the job done.
  2. yes i was using a dvi if that is the standard issued one? lol , i also tried using the hdmi cord into my monitor and it also got rid of the flickering isues but the colors didnt seem the same looked a lil to dark for me.
  3. I just pulled out the adapter and i just noticed that one of the pins is slightly recessed but not by much not sure if that could be an issue. i doubt it though cause i actually had a 5870 that i also had the same problem i returned it thinking it was a bad card
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