Help! Gaming on Medion Laptop

I run an Medion Laptop , which runs on 2.2 Ghz with 3,5 ghz Ram and an Nvidia 230 GS.
I wanna run on that laptop games like FSX or FS9, but got man problems with the framerate , any ideas how to get maybe more frames???
btw. scenery on low in FSX.
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  1. There is no solution to FSX problem expect buying a new PC with a powerful CPU

    i also had to buy a new PC to run FSX with good FPS too because FSX is CPU intensive
  2. 3 problems

    1. You are trying to game on a laptop
    2. Its got a 230 GS card in it, thats not capable of doing too much more than an IGP is
    3. You are trying to run a CPU intensive game on a low power, low speed laptop CPU, its not going to happen. If you want better performance i really suggest a desktop over a laptop, to get a laptop that can run FSX well will cost you quite a bit more than a desktop that runs it well.
  3. my normal system is an AMD x6 6x4.2 Ghz
    2x ATI 5970 in Crossfire
    12 GB Corsair Ram

    but we're going to egypt for 2 weeks tomorrow , and i wanna play at nigth there sometimes fsx/fs9
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