Flash drive 32GB --> 2GB

I have a strange problem that I don't know what to do about.

I have, or had, a 32GB flash drive that I just recently used to install DOS 6.22 from the flash drive for irrelevant reasons. Everything went fine but then after the installation I went in to My Computer to reformat the flash drive and what was a 32GB flash drive now has a max capacity of 2GB.....I am at a total lose at how I might fix this, or if it is even fixable. Any guidance at all is much appreciated!
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    Right click Computer > Manage > Disk management, see if the partition size has been shrunken.
  2. save the content, reformat it in fat32 (if standard)

    It happens to me when i used my key in a mac, the space used by the mac was no longer available in windows so i rformat it and Voila, 32gb again (A-DATA 32gb USB3 for info)
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  4. Awesome! You guys rock :D It was indeed shrunk so I just resized it and reformatted to FAT32 and problem solved! :D
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