Ati 4870 or 5770

well i want to get one of this cards, please help me choose...
the ati 4870 or 5770...

y system
phenom II 9850 x4
2gb ram ddr2 800mhz
500gb hdd
screen 22" 1080i (i need a card that handle this resolution without problems)
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  1. They're roughly the same performance, but the 5770 has lower power consumption and better features (DirectX 11, eyefinity). It just depends on how much you want to spend... The 4870 1gb can be found for around $100-110, the 5770 1gb for around $130-140.
  2. the 5770 probable the better value directx 11 support option to crossfire them
    about the same as a 4870 they trade punches you can see the review here compares them the 5770 also overclocks better and less heat and less power
  3. well... is there a big difference between Directx11 and Directx10?
    and do it worth those 30+ bucks in performance?
  4. Performance of a 4870 is slightly better than a 5770, but a 5770 has much lower power consumption and gives out much less heat, so you should pay the extra 30 $ for it.
  5. THNKS...
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