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I have an old Dell Dimension 4600i. I've boosted the mem to 4, video card 512 and new hard drive. Original processor is Pentium 4 CPU 2.66 Ghz 3.25 Gb ram. It is sooooooo slow. Is my processor the problem? Is it possible to upgrade it even tho Dell says it's not possible? I'm using a high speed internet and reside in the Silicone Valley area. Download averages 20 and upload 8. Thanks so much for your help.
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  1. If you do a clean install of windows it may seem faster since there is no clutter, but there really isn't much else you can do to push more from that PC. It will still work fine for a few years, but definitely won't be able to handle more demanding games.

    What are you using the PC for anyways? It should be plenty fine for a work PC and light gaming.
  2. I guess my question is, if I do have a download of 20 and an upload of at least 8, and I've upgraded the memory, video, and replaced the hard drive, then why does it take so long for a web page to load? Is it the processor? And if so, why can't I replace the motherboard? Thanks so much. :non:
  3. Check to see what speed your router/switch is running at. If its wired make sure its running at 100mbps and not 10mbps. If you're wireless, make sure you're running at least 801.11g and not 801.11b.

    Also, try running some malware removal and uninstall programs you haven't touched in a while. Run a full system virus scanner while you're at it and defrag your hard drives. Clearing clutter and regular maintenence will keep your computer up to speed and not running slow.
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