Semi New Build Problem.

okay so a previous computer of mine totally fried from an unexperienced overclocking fail/nightmare. So far i have been trying to rebuild it and getting it up and running again. I have replaced the RAM, Video Card, Motherboard, and DVDR. It turns on and is able to get into bios. But it will not boot into Windows. I have tried booting from the disc and HDD and it is not working. Any ideas on what it could be before i go out and buy stuff. I am thinking PSU. but it could also be faulty motherboard or CPU
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  1. What happens when you try to boot from the CD/DVD?
  2. it goes to the press any key screen... I press any key and the monitor goes out and says no signal. And the computer restarts the whole process over. and over again. but the computer doesnt actually turn off when it restarts everything is still lit. just the process restarts.
  3. Does the optical drive show up in the BIOS?

    Have you tried more than one disk?
    The Ultimate Boot CD
    Hiren's Boot CD

    Have you verified that the RAM is running at the correct settings? Timings and voltage both?
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