My computer is booting but monitor is standby and key board and mouse is not act

Dear Friends,

Following is the problem i am facing with my computer. and for temporary solution ( may not be the best way) i have to shut the main power of the computer and reboot it.

the problem is when i power on the system, or if i restart the system (for any reason) the machine is booting normally but no display to monitor and no power to key board and mouse, but the other components are working fine, like CPU, PSU, and Casing fans spinning as normally, hard drive also working fine, and i can say the mother board is getting good power and its working fine.

so then if this problem happens what normally i do is shut the power for the system and again power on the system after several minutes, and then it works fine, Display normal, mouse and keyboard are fine and working, and so the other components.

i observed that this problem always occurs at the restarting of the system at any point, or if the system is powered on after keeping it shut down for long hours. ( i am usually not using my system for long hours only using it for couple of hours every day)

following are my system specs

Intel Pentium Dual core 2.2Ghz CPU
Intel DG31 PR Mother Board
Asus EAH 4350 1GB VGA ( ATI Radeon HD 4300 Graphic Engine)
Windows XP Professional 32 bit OS
Samsung 160GB SATA Hard Drive (60% free space)
Magnum Pro 415W PSU (Real power)

Please Give me a Best Solution to Over come this issue
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  1. I realize English may not be your first language, but please allow me to make a few corrections and you tell me if I am right or not.

    "the machine is booting normally but no display to monitor and no power to key board and mouse"

    Booting means that the operating system starts and loads completely. Since you have no way of knowing this, what you really mean is:
    "The computer seems to power up but there is no display or keyboard/mouse lights."

    Now, the next bit is important. You say the HD is working fine. Are you hearing the HD actually WORKING or just spinning up? Do you have a HD activity light on your case?

    The start up behavior does suggest something, but if you could answer these questions it would help.
  2. Dear Proxi, yes you are right English is not my first language.

    what i Meant by booting is that My HD and other Inside components were
    working fine, and there is no any HD activity Light on Case, i can feel its starts at power up and spinning. There is a Yellow Light on Mother board which lit when i give power to computer before switching it on ( you know what i mean) which makes me think that the mother board also looks fine.
    (from what else i can figure it out)

    what i observed was my Machine starts normally when i switched on it but there is no display to monitor, ( there is no BIOS screen, monitor is in Stand by mode)
    and no power indication to Keyboard and Mouse. and kindly make a note this is not happening every time but it happens occasionally when i power on my computer after few hours keeping it shut or when ever i restart my computer at any time ( for any reason) .
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    Yes, so while the HD is spinning up it may not be doing the work of loading the OS.
    At some point early on the BIOS is locking up.

    So what we have here could very well be a power supply issue.

    Theory 1:

    When the power supply is too warm it does not produce current that is acceptable to the motherboard, so there is no POST... the board keeps waiting for the PSU to become stable but it doesn't.

    When the power supply is too cold it cannot provide current that is correct either. It runs for a bit and warms up, so that the second attempt is successful.

    This happens because the system is most particular about the power at start-up. After that it can tolerate incorrect voltages a bit better.

    Theory 2:
    A similar problem with the voltage regulation on the motherboard. Not so likely.

    And really, that's all I can make out of this. If this doesn't happen all the time then maybe it's connected with the temperature of the room as well.

    I see you asked a month ago about the PSU:

    Sorry I didn't get to it, or someone else didn't. It's easy enough to answer. We have never heard of this PSU or company and it is VERY unlikely to be good at all. Looks like very limited distribution, but perhaps it's more available in Asia.

    I can't say for certain, but that is where I would start. Get an actual quality PSU.
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