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I have an Asus G2S now. I love the 17" screen and the clarity of the graphics is excellent. Unfortunately it has been succumbing to heat problems over the past few years due to my lack of realizing that I was having heat issues. But anyway here's my desired options:

-17" screen
-1900x1200 resolution
-7200rpm drive
-lighted keyboard
-movable webcam
-wireless and wired LAN of course 10/100/1000 abgn
-good sound (g2s is weak)
-either 3 usb ports or 2 USBs with 1 sata/usb combo
-is a USB 3.0 needed? I've seen the upgraded ports on laptops but not anything that is 3.0 compliant to put in them. I take that they are not backward compatible!
-don't care about optical media but I have to be able to boot from a USB then. Unless someone can see a reason to continue with the optical media that I am overlooking?????
-quality construction
-min 4gb memory
-battery size not terrible important as I usually am plugged
-my main use is not gaming but I've got a lot of multi-tasking going on. Not only on the laptop by then I'm also remoting into my desktop.
-video processing is important as is perhaps a device that allows for better control than a mouse during video edits
-don't care about a modem
-memory card reader that preferable handles the mini-sd + all the others
-built-in mic
-infrared remote would be nice
-separate number pad
-ability to connect to digital TV HDMI or DVI is the best for this hookup???
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  1. Are you looking for a "gaming" system or more of a general use system (like this Asus at Newegg)?

    -Or a gaming platofrm like these Alienwares?-

    Also, how much do you want to spend (or not)? OriginPC, Alienware, and VooDooPC make gaming notebooks that have better heat management systems than consumer notebooks. This is largely because of the heat generated my the advanced GPUs and CPUs used in these systems.

    All of your wants/needs can be addressed with any of these high-end systems.
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