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Hello I have a very big problem that I need to get resolved and you guys have a very reliable site going, So I thought I would give it a go.

So here it is,

I have a Very good computer, im an avid gamer, and really like the connection I have, WHEN there is not a problem with ping. I have a Brand new modem, it is ran through a Wireless-G Broadband Router (WRT54GL) by linksys. It has an xbox 360 adapter, a laptop and a desktop pc running off it wirelessly. This computer is ran through cable. I have a 10 MB cable Connection by Rogers. But the problem is I am getting ridiculous lag on every game I play well running through the router.

After I discovered this problem, I figuered I would try just running a straight modem connection, router unplugged and all and just a modem. Well guess what. It worked PERFECT. I really do not know what this could be but my guess is I think it is the Router. I have to play a few competitive matches a week and boy, the family is not happy when I have to unplug all there wireless stuff and just have the internet for me.

This is with the router:

This is without:

This is really being a pain and I would like to get it resolved as soon ass possible..

If this is a router problem can I have some suggestions on a good router that is suggested for gamers ?

PS. the games I play are Americas Army and MW2. and I have tried different ethernet cables and still does not work (if this is helpful) I also use a communication device called Teamspeak 3. I usaly have a 52 ping on it. With the router I get in the 200 - 300 Ping.
Thanks A Ton
A frusturated gamer!
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  1. what is the quality of the patch cables? maybe swap them around & see if you get the same results

    Upgrade the BIOS on the router? Reset to defaults?
  2. Sorry im not to network savvy, im good with computers just not networking. Explain what you mean by quality of patch cables please ? :ange:

    I have swapped the cables around aswell. I have cable from a direct output through a splitter. If you mean ethernet then I have tried all orginal ethernet cables and still crap. Just for giggles to try I tried hooking in to xbox 360 ethernet cables and they seemed to be the same if not a little bit better.

    How would I upgrade the BIOS on the router and how do I reset to deafults ? :D

    Very sorry for the noobish questions, im trying my best to anwser them ;)
  3. there should be some printing on the cables, that will say CAT 5, 5e, something like that. I'm just wondering if a really bad cable from the router to other devices could have hurt the speed. If you've swapped different cables & still had the same issue, that's probably not it.

    Your manual should mention how to reset to defaults or upgrade the bios. Can you access the web interface for the router? You probably browse to and put in the admin pwd.
  4. Also, look into port forwarding and/or triggering. It varies on how to do it from router to router. It should mention it somewhere in the manual or on your routers manufacturers website. Forwarding the ports or even putting your PC in the DMZ could potentially fix this problem.
  5. That sounds like you are creating security issues, without addressing the underlying cause.
  6. Port triggering does not create a "security" issue. The ports get "triggered" when the program or computer needs to use them, otherwise they stay closed.

    If you put a PC in the DMZ yes, it's "technically" outside of the network and it would be vulnerable to all kinds of things, so you are correct on the security of putting something in the DMZ.
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