Formatting HDD that has windows and linux

I currently have windows 7 (32bit), and I've installed ubuntu as a dual-boot.
Problem is that I want to format my Hard Drive, but when I try with the Windows installation CD, it gives me an error.
So I figured I'd probably have to uninstall ubuntu, but my WUBI-uninstaller doesn't work, and I can see only one partition on my drive.
I've had this problem on my old drive, where I tried doing a format c:/ on my computer.
But that rendered my computer useless.
What should I do? :o
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  1. You need to boot from the windows install CD and when given the option, delete all partitions and recreate new ones or a single one, then continue with the OS installation. This will effectively wipe out everything on the drive. Basically, you can't format an OS drive while you are booted into that OS.
  2. I cancelled under a windows installation, and now it says BOOTMGR is missing...
    AAAAAND I cannot format
  3. THANK YOU!!! Pressed that format button, and resumed the installation. Apparently my motherboard wants it to install as a GPT Hard drive, but since I'm not gonna use RAID, I won't need that.
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