Asus P8Z68-V Pro - Cannot Detect Graphic Card


Asus P8Z68-V Pro - Cannot Detect Graphic Card.

New built Computer.
I have tried tons of solutions on internet.

But I think the problem is: Change my PSU. (as I tough all along. I just like waisting my time)
Its only a 620W power supply.
And I read trough internet forums, that my Asus GTX 560 Ti 1G has minimum Req 500W.
So think its PSU? ..Dont got to much experience building computers.
(even I builded my own over 20yrs, and no problems until now)
But something tells me, I dont think the rest of the computer use 120W thats left only :p

What happened:
Card worked at startups, first times I restarded my computer. Then it suddenly wont work anymore.
Total blackness from I start my computer. Only integrated intel card works.
And I install new drivers from Wont work now either.
I try the different card slots inside computer also. Same results.

And suddenly it works again during Bios and Dos mode. And then becomes blackness when windows log in screen arrives.

And sometimes I cant get integrated intel card to work, IF both 6pin cables are in my GTX 560. SO now they are unplugged, think the steal power from integrated card. Damn thief, so greedy.

So it works now and then, but mostly not. So I need to buy new Power Supply =) Got to be it.

And yes, both 6pin cable is in from the PSU. Card gets 2 green lights from 2 orange lights when I do. So that works.
And both fans works to.
Bios is PCIe/ ..... etc...all is correct exept Power Supply ^^

And now I formated PC, and installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Still blackness.

Just are between jobs, so dont want to use cash on different things that is working.
So need to be 100% shure it is PSU? :) Thanks.

New Problem: (edit)
Now I cant even install graphic drivers anymore, after I installed windows 7 ultimate 32bit. (all updates uptodate) I could install whit previous windows. Had Vista 32bit before. So thats a new problem :P How to fix that, I dont know?? And yes, I downloaded new drivers for windows 7 32bit at :p Said it cannot find any graphic card to support or something. So install start whit an big red X. Even card is working and plugged in. Perhaps it will be auto detect when I get new PSU? :)

Cheers, Tommy M
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  1. Well, guess its PSU then! hehe^
  2. Ur power supply, must be compatable with ur motherboard, AND ur operating system!!!
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