ASUS P6T WS Pro and SAS Drive

I have a problem on SAS drives and hope someone can help.
My Asus WS P6T mainboard has onboard marvell 88se6320 RAID controller. i installed 2 SAS drives (IBM 40k1043) but it can only detected 1 drive. port 0 is prefer and if i disconnect port 0, port 1 then can be detected. I tried many ways: low level format, change bios setting... but it does not work. please guide me how to solve the problem.
Thanks, SNT
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  1. No one can help?
  2. Did you contact Asus support? I may be wrong, but shouldn't the SAS drives be used in RAID 0 or RAID 1? Does the procedure described at work?
  3. Hi GhilainG,
    ASUS support was contacted, their suggestion was to check power, test if the drives is ok... which i've done many times before calling a support.
    i've read some procedure like the one in your link, but my problem is BIOS can not detect the 2nd drive.
    currently, i install windows 7 on the 1st SAS drive, left the 2nd not connected.
    thanks for yur response GhislainG.
  4. If it can only detect one SAS drive and you already determined that everything else is fine, then you should RMA the motherboard.
  5. Thanks, GhilainG,

    it shall be the laast thing i can do. i'm hopping if i've miss something that make the 2nd SAS not work :(
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