Need a good psu

hey ppl i am in a serious buget i am building this comp currently
cpu:-e4300 c2d @1.8 ghz
gpu:-pci-e X16 gtx 460
mobo:-asus ddr 3 mobo
hdd:- 1 sata hdd
according to cooler master's power calculator i neejavascript:%20void(0);d a 550 watt psu that fits in a micro atx cabinet
any good suggetions?
remember a my comp needs at least 522 watts to function at peak load so i wll need a 600 watt psu for continous supply of 550 watts
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  1. ^ For GTX 460, you can go with a 450W+ PSU from Corsair/ Antec EA or TP or ECO series/ Silverstone/ Seasonic/ OCZ Fatality or Mod series/ PCP&S/ CM Real Power or Silent PRO...

    Of the above, I would get the OCZ Mod 500W as it is cheap, modular, powerful enough for GTX 460 and being modular, it would better suit an mATX case..

    Of topic, for such a budget, I would suggest an AMD build...
    But if still going with Intel build, then get a Wolfdale core CPU...
  2. The lowest-priced, high-quality, 500W+ psu available at Newegg continues to be:

    Since it costs the same as a quality ~450W, there's no point in going lower.

    If you can't grab that psu, look for one rated "1" or "2" on this list:
  3. but are these psu's capable of giving in 522 watts at a stretch? and willey fit into my m-atx cabinet form acer
    (acer sa 90)
  4. Don`t bother with PSU calculators. They go very very much on the extreme safe side because lots of people go buy the crappy cheap brands that are not capable of providing anywhere near the power they claim. They sell by "peak" power and will blow up if you go anywhere near that at more than their 20C test temperature for more than a nano second, where as proper brands can do it continuous all day at realistic inside a PC case temperatures like 40C. In fact looking at a review just now, they were able to pull 1000W at 40C (limited by their load tester) from an 800W corsair PSU without any major problems, although the efficiency droped below the 80% needed for it's 80+ certification.

    I seem to recall on a benchmark somewhere there was an i7 965 + 6GiB DDR3 + GTX460 + normal stuff like fans, drives, etc, pulling less than 300W at the wall under full load during benchmarking.
  5. vada:

    First, I can assure you that a computer with TWO GTX 460s will NOT draw 525W from the power supply even when running Furmark:,2694-10.html

    Note carefully the power measure is AT THE WALL for the ENTIRE system. The psu is actually supplying 10% or more less power.

    Second, A 5XX watt psu will run any stock PC with any single graphics card, not just a 460.

    But as pointed out in a previous post, you must buy a real 5XX watt power supply, not some $25 box that really can't deliver. I gave you a link to the best one at the best price currently at Newegg.

    If you can't get that psu, let me know and I'll give you a list of others.
  6. al right ppl i am now worried about 2 things the most
    1. will it fit into my current cabinet :-
    the dimensions are
    Desktop, 7.2" (183mm) W x 17.5" (445mm) L x 14.5" (370mm) H
    my current psu is;-Industry Standard 250 Watt (i.e stock)
    so tell me if it will fit first
    and my second concern is waht will happen when theres a power spike?
  7. guys please tell me if it will fit thas all im worried about if u say it willl fit then i can blindly buy it!! itz the most bugging factor
  8. 1) Fit:

    here are two photos of GTX 460s installed. In the first photo you can see the length of the card relative to the motherboard:

    In the second photo, note the location of the power connector (click on the correct thumbnail to see the back end of the card):

    Find the similar picture for the 460 YOU will be buying if you like, or trust that this is the worst case. In any case (no pun intended), its up to you to figure out whether it will fit in your case. Take a look inside.

    2) Power spike: Can fry lots of electrical devices . . . or it can be permanent. Can't answer without knowing how bad the spike is - that's like asking will my house flood if it rains.

    There are outlet strips that protect against surges (ie, surge suppressors) and many will insure connected electronic devices connected to them.
  9. i dont mean weather will the gtx 460 fit with the psu connector im not worred abt that one bit im worried weather the psu (upon removal of the olderpsu will fit in my case!!
  10. basically im worried weather will i b able to screw in the new psu in my cabinet
  11. Yes, the psu will fit.
  12. thank you thank you cleared the biggest doubt of all time in my head now at last i can sleep in peace (you ment it will fit in my cabniet right?)
  13. Yes.
  14. thx a lot man!!
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