keep computer EXACTLY the same but have windows on a SSD

Hi am am about to make a big transition from my HDD to my new Agility 4 SSD. Straight to the point, basically i dont want to have to redo all my settings from my previous windows to the new one. Is there a way to keep the settings like a profile of some sort is that all included ina system image? also my HDD is full and im putting a system image on another temporary HDD but will the image work seeing that my HDD is 500gb and the SSD is 128?

Also is there a way for a smooth transition to a SSD that is smaller than the hardrive (all i want is the OS and programs on the SSD) like is there a program that can grab all the programs and their files and put it on a new version of windows?

I hope this makes any sense. I am currently copying my downloads folder, documents folder etc.. to an external then once i get all my files off my old HDD format it then pretty much put all the files that i saved onto the old HDD again and set that all up to be extra storage. AHH thats alot of typing and probably makes no sense but please let me know if there is an easier/quicker way than what i am doing because copying files takes a long TIME!!! THis process is driving me :pt1cable:

So i guess what im asking is, how do i keep my computer EXACTLY the same except have windows and the programs on the SSD. Is this even possible!?

Thanks so much in advance!
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  1. save yourself the muss and use drive cloning software such as DriveImage XML
  2. Exactly, image your current drive to a another drive, install the SSD and image it back to the SSD.
  3. Google Imagex

    Simplest way of doing it.
  4. You can NOT "clone", nor use an image of your current HDD.
    1) Clone is a direct sector-by-sector copy which will NOT work
    2) Must use Migration Software. NOTE: the cloning is often misued and may realy refer to Migration.

    Prep set: Check the HDD to ensure that AHCI is the controller. You can do this by looking at the BIOS and verify that it is set to AHCI and NOT IDE. If it is set to IDE fix FIRST. IF infact it is NOT AHCI, then:
    SEE :
    and select either "Fix it for Me" or "Let me fix it Myself" Do this first, then reboot, go to BIOS and then change to AHCI (Do NOT change to AHCI before appling the "fix".

    NOW your ready to MIGRATE OS + Programs.
    The two programs I use are:
    and my favorite (But does cost $18), Ez-Gig-IV:
    Simpler than using ImageX. Started watching video and bombed out when you had to go to a cmd prompt. PS Cmd prompt dos NOT bother me, use it quite frequently.

    Once you have completed the miration:
    Download and run AS SSD, DO NOT need to run the Benchmark, but open program and look at the upper Left:
    1) will Identify SSD and FW Should always use the latest FW (PS I also recommend the Latest BIOS Version)
    2) Will Indentify driver used. YOU DO NOT want to see pcide = BAD.
    3) Partition algnment. This should show "OK" Note some migration soft ware will NOT properly align the partition, True cloning WILL NOT.

    then verify:
    Trim is enabled:
    NOTE title is misleading as it states "is working" it really only verifys that it is enabled.
    Defrag is DISABLED - You do NOT defrag SSDs.

    2nd added:
    When moving from a HDD to a SSD, I only r4ecommend the Migration method in iolated cases, ie you can not re-install some programs. For example, My wife's system has a couple of programs that would be a Nightmare (even if I could) re-install. For example her embrodery program is really old and is currently up to version 10. You must re-install all previous version and then apply the upgrade - Version 1 required a parallel port Dongle - Parralel ports are becoming rare. Her Knitting program requires a serial port. When I bought here a Vista machine (Ugh) I had to Intall vista, then use a program to transfer programs from XP to Vista. Then built her a Win 7 computer - same-same, installed Windows 7, bought a new program o Migrate her programs from oe computer to the other.
    What I do recommend when going from HDD - SSD is a CLEAN install, I know it's a Pain in the Thosh, BUT generally worth it and it's a one time deal.
    The Items I listed to be verified are automatically done in a clean install. On top of that it is th BEST method of Cleaning up a registry. Way better than running CCleaner (which I do Use).
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