Hard drive is recognized in BIOS but not by Windows repair disk


Hi recently a client brought me a desktop with two hard drives in it. The bottom drive has data on that she absolutly needs restored. The top drive is missing the boot record on Windows. Both drive are 1TB and have Windows on them. I tried reseting the BIOS to defaults, and after booted from the repair disk. I pressed repair (trying to resolve the missing boot record) but the repair disk is not detecting it. I have the top drive connected to SATA 0, so it should detect, but no sure as of now.

I wanted to resolve the boot record issue, so I can transfer the files from the bottom to the top, so I could re-install Windows on the bottom. It looks like she has an unnecessary spliter on the power calbles as well. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. First -- disconnect the drive that has the critical data.

    Then you can boot from HIRENS or whatever you prefer and check the OS drive, that sounds like it may be failing. If the drive checks out, then do a repair install or if that fails a clean reinstall. Only when the system is fully functional should you reattach the critical data drive. And then back it up and educate the user on data backup, reminding them that a usb external drive is a VERY poor solution.

    Personally, I would pull the data drive and attach it to one of my functioning systems and pull all the key data and then proceed.

    IMO a power splitter should not have any impact on the drive function, HDDs just don't draw that much current. A bad PSU maybe, but not just a splitter.
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