Crosshair II doesnt boot, monitor stays in sleep

My System ran fine more/less for past two years although it experienced a weird issue. Now it doesn't boot up at all and monitor stays in sleep mode.
But first, the Specs.
Its Asus Crosshair II
AMD x4 9950 Black Edition, not overclocked.
4x2gb corsair memory
evga nvidia gtx9800+ graphic card
WD 1tb black hd
ht omega sound card
hauppage 1850 tv card
Corsair 750W PSU

I had experienced the problems before such as, when I plugged in USB device, Windows would tell me that USB would perform faster if plugged into usb2.0 port but all ports on crosshair II are 2.0. So I knew I had a problem.
Other problem I had that whenever i turned my PC ON, it would light up, the case would lit up, memory and cpu diodes lit up but Monitor Would stay in SLEEP mode and CPU fan would spin up for a second or two and then stop. I RMAed that trhough ASUS and they tested the board and told me my boards is fine.
Yet it was never fine. When I put it back again it would have similar problems but I learned to live with USB Problem. As far as Monitor not waking up, removing EVGA Card and using motherboards onboard graphic would boot up the computer so then I put the EVGA card back in and it worked fine for little over a year untill last week I put my computer to sleep, During that whole year I never put computer to sleep or hybarnate, nor I added or removed any hardware. This time Windows 7 had difficult time waking up/restoring itself (gave me bsod, either graphic card or tv card drivers I suspect) so I shut it down by holding the power button and started computer again. This time, same exact problems that I experienced previously. Monitor is in sleep mode, Motherboards lits up, CPU fan spins initially for a second or two and then stops. Hard Drive light stays on. After few unsuccesfull tries, I reset the BIOS and computer boots up to loading default settings screen, press F1s to contginue, DEL to enter BIOS. I go to bios and without changing anything i go save and exist, Upon reboot, same problem. I reset bios again and this time I press F1 to continue, it starts loading windows then BSOD related to me putting PC to sleep and restart.
Process of Elimination.
EVGA Card Out, using default onboard GPU, No solution. Still doesn't boot
Memory RAM, I removed all sticks but 1, Tried different sticks in different slots. It didnt solve the problem.
Sound Card and TV Card removed. Still no solution.
PSU, I replaced PSU and still no solution.
At this point I can't decide if it's either CPU or Motherboard. I can't afford to get both items unless they are bottom price. I rather have 125W am2+ than 65W am3. I am not sure about motherboard. Are bottom price am3 motherboards faster/better than my crosshair 2.?
I am hoping to have this board RMAed by ASUS although it's just over 3 years old. I thought CrossHair motherboards are so expensive because you get lifetime warranty. I want to see what will happened with that, Otherwise no more ASUS for me. (I have ASUS monitor).
So Please advice on solution to my problem.
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  1. I kept thinking about it all day, Still no response from Asus. I think I will just buy the inexpensive AM+ CPU, install it and go from there. Probably going to get the retail version with CPU FAN,
  2. its not very often at all that a CPU will fail. (not compared to other components)

    I have seen 5000+ motherboards fail for every processor. (overclocking / overcooked CPU's excluded)

    an AM3 or AM3+ cpu wont work in your Crosshair II.

    unless your able to get the motherboard RMA'd your looking down the barrell of a CPU, Motherboard, RAM + reinstall of windows
  3. So today I wanted to take off my freeze 64 pro sideways fan and it came out with CPU glued to it. Keep in mind that CPU came out while it was in locked position. Upon closer inspection of the CPU I noticed 4 pins missing. I did not find any broken pins in the motherboard socket, I hope they did not fall in to the CPU socket. I try to vacuum it later, but for now I have ordered AM3 CPU to test it out with plus I got RMA number from ASUS.
    I really hope after I solve hardware problems, my windows won't give me any crap.
    I did some research and my asus crosshair II mobo does accept AM3 and it will work with DDR2, otherwise I picked up am2/am3 ddr2/ddr3 combo board from newegg. Very inexpensive but should do the job.
  4. AM3 CPU did not solve the problem. Motherboard still failed to boot. I am not good enough to tell where exactly it goes wrong but it never gets to initializing graphic adapter because monitor never wakes up. I was going to see if I could get CPU Locking Mechanism disassembled but gave up on the idea since I have valid RMA from ASUS.
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