Difference between dvd writer and rambo tray

can any one tell me the difference between dvd writer,ramo tray and blue ray
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  1. Okay, I have to ask....what is a "ramo tray"?

    A DVD writer can burn DVDs and CDs while also being able to read DVD and CD media.

    A BD writer does the same, only adding the ability to write to BD and read from BD media.

    A BD reader can only read BD, DVD, and CD media (no burning). Same goes for DVD (DVD and CD) and CD readers.
  2. A "rambo tray" appears to be a name that Lenovo is using to describe a traditional DVD-RAM drive/writer. For the purpose of answering your question, there is no significant difference between a modern DVD writer and a "rambo tray".

    Just look at the particular drives you are considering to verify that they will burn to the media type you want to use. Good luck!
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