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ATI 5750 problems?

I am thinking of going with an ati 5750. But on the net and on microsoft website I have seen many problems that people have been encountering including crashes, freezes and recoveries.

Now I am not sure what to do? Can anyone confirm or deny these crashes on win 7?
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    It should work, in case you have any driver problem get back to catalyst version 10.4
  2. Also can it run on 400 Watt corsair power supply? Person on techsupportforum says that at least 450 Watt corsair is needed.
  3. 400W Corsair PSU?
    Yes, it should work fine, Corsair PSU are underated, so 400W Corsair is enough to run HD5750... :)

    Don't worry about those issues, every card has their own problem, just like Tamz said above, you can use driver version 10.3 or 10.4, that's the most stable driver for now..
  4. What do you plan to use the card for? I have had no issues with my 5850/4850/4650 with the newest AMD drivers and Windows 7. Sometimes a game glitch now and then, but that is expected.
  5. +9000 for an asus 5750. I have one, its rock solid. I have an XFX one. I had to RMA it. The replacement card they sent is also faulty. Boo on XFX
  6. Scooby, I've got one of the original XFX ATI cards, a 4850 1GB with a hack-sawed NVidia cooler. Claims to not even downclock at idle. I have issues with it now and then, but in general it works ok. I think I'm going to put my Asus 4850 back in and see if it corrects the issue(s).
  7. i think they had a couple of bad batches or something. my original card was SN L1H026309. The new card is L1H26280. Probably from the same batch
  8. For the record, I am quite happy with my galaxy 470 :)
  9. I plan to get a HIS ati 5750 icooler iv. Is this durable? I have an e5400 2.7 ghz processor. Will it be able to handle the 5750 and also 5750 OC?
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