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Hey Guy's and Gal's :hello: , I have a ASUS M4A88TD-v EVO/usb3.0 mobo and need to speed up the CPU fan. Tried speed fan and got nothing. Is there a utility in the installation cd that came with the mobo to control the fan, or a BIOS setting to speed it up for better cooling? It is in a spare bedroom, so sound is not an issue, just keeping the CPU cool is. I over applied the thermal paste and got that cleaned up but waiting on some more from Newegg before I put it back together and turn it back on using Artic silver 5. I would like a software program that would do it, as getting into BIOS is a pistol. It was running @ 57c while I ran WEI and know that is within the limits, but should be able to get it cooler when overclocked to 3.8Ghz on my AMD Phenom II 965 125w. Everything is brand new and I read somewhere that it takes the thermal paste 200 hours to cure. So could that be my problem, just need to run it a while longer after reassembly? My case has 4 huge fans and runs cool inside so I know that is not a problem, though they are all hooked up together using the molex 4 pin power connectors inline. Searched Tom's everywhere and could not find a solution, so I am putting it out there for the masses. Any help is greatly appreciated. :pfff:
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    Running the fans at full speed will drop the cpu temps about 3-5 degrees celcius. I use the "del" key to enter the bios while posting. Most asus boards have a bios setting for the fan speed, sometimes called "smartfan". And 57 is excellent for a phenom II under load while gaming. So I would leave it alone, and enjoy some quiet.
  2. Thanks o1die. I have heard of some getting in the high 40's c while overclocking and gaming and was thinking I was doing something wrong. I already had to clean up applying a whole tube of thermal paste like a DA. Live and learn. After it is back together, will check BIOS and see what is in there. Thanks again. :)
  3. 57C is not a big deal. Your fan should run higher rpm when hot... make sure you got the right fan and do not go crazy with over-clocking......
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