Could HDD be causing freezing problem

I built my first gaming PC about 2 weeks ago and have been loving it. Everything ran fine up until a few days ago. I noticed as I was moving my mouse cursor across the screen it started to freeze for a split second then continue. This started happening more frequently and then I noticed it while I was in games, I would try to move and everything would freeze for a second then go back to normal. It's gotten worse as time goes on and is now happening when I'm browsing, in game or just on the main screen of windows. I think it might be a HDD issue because I was watching the resource monitor and when it would freeze there would be a spike in the Disk section. Could a bad HDD be causing this or am I way off?

AMD FX-8350

Power Color 7870LE

Gigabyte TA990FXE

Corsair TX650w

Patriot G2 series 8gb 1333 (1x8gb)

Western Digital 1TB Blue 7200RPM
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  1. Does your anti-virus run any scans at any time while you're using your machine? I know this can be a cause for pauses like what you described.
  2. I think it might. I will try to disable it and see. I'm not sure if that is the cause though since it happens about every 10-15 seconds. If that is the problem you will be my new hero though
  3. I have had bad hard drives do this before. Sometimes, they make a PC incredibly slow but it doesn't freeze, and sometimes they begin to fail in such a way that the PC will freeze EXACTLY as you described. Watch the hard drive light. Is it on continuously while the freeze occurs? No flashing, just solid on.
  4. Unfortunately on my case I don't have a hard drive light. Mine has a digital temp display instead of the system lights. I will run the test right now and post back in a bit
  5. So I ran WD DLD and di bith the quick scan and extended scan and passed both scans. The freezing seems to be getting worse. I RMA'd my Power Color 7870LE for a Gigabyte 7950 Windforce 3 because the Power Color was running very hot, around 90c-92c under load. I just got it in the mail so I'm hoping that could be the cause. I'll repost after I swap them out
  6. So I just put in my new GPU (Gigabyte 7950) and a Corsair H55 liquid CPU cooler. From the 20 min I have had my PC on the lagging seemed to stop. Is it possible that my old GPU (Power Color 7870 Myst Edition) could have been causing the lagging problem the whole time?
  7. it could be with the temp is was having on load .
  8. After a few days of testing and some heavy gaming still no lag! I guess it was the GPU causing the problem. I haven't seen my 7950 get over 50c even under heavy load but after the problems I had I'm keeoping a close eye on the temps
  9. dust off the fan and gpu cooler to see if this will lower your load temp also what kind of air flow you got in the case ,fans and the way they set up ?
  10. It was a week old GPU so no dust. I have a NZXT Guardian case with 1 120mm intake in the front, 1 140mm on the side blowing right on the GPU and a rear intake through my Corsair H55 radiator and a 120 exhaust on the top on the case. I think it was just a bad GPU from the manufacturer. It was running at stock clocks around 90c with 100% fan speed. With my 7950 Windforce 3 I haven't seen temps above 55c and no lag so problem solved for now. The 7870LE performs great (a few fps less than my 7950) but runs very hot. If you plan to get one make sure you have excellent air flow
  11. you got good air flow glad everything work come back if you need more help.good to know you post the result of the issue that could help others .
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