What processor/motherboard combo with 570 gtx

well as the post says im about to purchase a 570 gtx card and i decided im just going to upgrade my cpu and mobo as well. im trying to decide which processor/mobo combo would go well with this card and what im going to be using the system for. Im a gamer so i need good performance and alot of the MMOs i play are just as intense on the cpu as the vid card. i looked at a few threads about how the i3 is a crazy overclocker but i want longevity on the system as well (2ish years). Any help would be great im ripping my hair out trying to decide lol soooo many options out now
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  1. 1920 x 1200.............forgot to mention that
  2. and while im at it i currently have ep45-ud3p motherboard and a q6600 OC to 3.4. would it make a big difference going i3/i5/i7 with new board or would a qx9650 work just as well
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