Help with ~$1000 build, first build.

This will be my first complete build. The 2 main things I want to use this for are Folding@home & gaming. The most notable specific to my situation would be I'm running through my tv, so native resolution is stuck at 1024 X 768. I can maybe see upgrading to 1920 X 1080 in the next couple years, but in all I'll be stuck at pretty low resolutions. I'd like to be able to completely max out graphics on new games at those resolutions, I'm planning on OC the CPU at very least, and it would be nice to have room to spare to fold in the background. Sata 3 & USB 3.0 couldn't be less important to me, don't plan on RAID. Let me go over what I have thought out so far and then ask some questions

What I have already-
Coolermaster Centurion 534 case
Samsung Bluray read only
Dvd/cd rw drive
WD 7200 RPM 500gb drive

I'm using a dell unclockable e7500, zotac gts 250, antec neopower 430w and 4gb of DDR 2 that I do not plan on carrying over.

What I'm thinking of buying so far-


Asus P7P55D Pro

GSkill Ripjaw 2 x 2gb DDR3 1600

OCZ Agility Sata II 60gb SSD

Corsair 850W

So far that adds up to $747 w/ shipping before $40 of mail in rebates.

My first question would be where to go with the graphics. From what I understand I should stick with Nvidia for folding. Would a GTX-470 be a noticeable enough improvement over my current card? (GTS-250)? Tom's Oct 2010 Hierarchy chart says I should be getting a GTX-480 but I can't stretch my cash that far. So would a 470 + one down the road for SLI be my best bet, or is there something ATI or something else that would be better around the same price range of a 470?

Next- If I'm serious about folding, should I be looking at a CPU with more cores/threads to have a couple clients running in the background? Ideally I'd like to have a CPU client or two running and still be able to play games, watch movies, multitask ect. Would the 750 have enough grunt to pull this off or should I be looking at a I7-930/950? Or if I went the AMD route would a 1055t have enough grunt for games at low resolution, and would the extra cores really help out much for folding?

Last- anyone have advice on reasonably priced air cooling for a 750 that could reliably take me to 4.0ghz?
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  1. I would suggest getting the 6870 or 6850... The 6850 overclocks very well and they both do phenomenal crossfire...

    The 750 should have enough power to handle what youre looking for...

    This corsair a70 will get you a nice cooler that will be able to keep youre 750 well under control at 4+ GHz... 33 bucks after rebate too...

    Hopefully all that helped :)
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