Just completed my first build ... have some questions

after assembling my pc, everything seems to be running well.

antec 902
amd 955
asrock 870 extreme3
4 gb ram
6870 x 2

1. after i recieved my components yesterday, i realized the ram i purchased is mushkin blackline 1333 ram..not 1600. is this going to hurt my performance noticeably?

2. im hoping i installed everything correctly...what should my cpu temp be running at?

3. i installed windows and did not change anything in my bios settings. with the asrock 870 extreme3, there are alot of settings that can be changed in bios. are there any settings (ie...ram, cpu - multiplier) i should make sure im set at with this hardware configuration? im not looking to overclock anything yet...just want to make sure everything is set to get best performance at stock speeds.

4. what is a good, free program i can download to put my system under a heavy load to see how my temps maintain?

thanks for any input.
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  1. 1. 1333 vs. 1600, you will see no difference in performance. Not an issue.
    2. What CPU temp? Depends on room temp, humidity, system airflow and a number of other factors, but you should be no more than 40-42C at idle, or so.
    3. BIOS Settings, leave all at default (or the preset performance selection) and make sure everything is stable. You can always tweak stuff later.

    Have fun!
  2. you will not notice any performance difference between 1333 and 1600. The only benefit to 1600 is it gives you more overhead to overclock.

    Usually for the cpu temp, anything between 20 to 35 degrees celsius at idle is good.

    Under load try to keep it under 50 to 65 degrees celsius.

    Check the manual for your cpu it should tell you the maximum temp.

    For changes in the bios, Check to make sure that the Timing for your ram matches what the ram is rated at. you can find this info in the manual for the memory.

    other than that if everything is running good, you should be in good shape.
  3. ok...i will check the timing in bios...should be at 8-8-8-24 according to mushkin.

    what should cpu multiplier be set at?
  4. skinz187 said:
    ok...i will check the timing in bios...should be at 8-8-8-24 according to mushkin.

    what should cpu multiplier be set at?

    Set both to auto and let your mobo/memory/cpu synch using the default settings. Many will argue this point, but unless you are OCing, you don't need to mess with these settings at all. Running default will ensure the best stability for your system.
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