Seagate HDD suddenly loud

Don't know if I'm just noticing it more but over the last few days my hard drive seems to have got quite a loud fan noise to it. Could there be any cause or am I mad? Also noticing its temperature reads as 0C now, used to be able to see it and haven't changed hardware since then.

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  1. is it an external drive because HD's don't have fans unless it's in an external case.
  2. Internal. The noise just sounds like my case fans are ramped up, but its definitely coming from the hard drive because if I power the system up without it unplugged the sound stopped. Also turning off the fans in my system doesn't do anything.

    Its just stopped doing it after quitting out of a game, really odd, has been loud for days. Hard drive temperature came back from 0C to 27C like it should read.

    Any reason this could be happening? Not that big a deal but still.
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