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Power supply

what are the latest cards that a zebronics 600w power supply can support?

how about gtx460 1gb version?

according to specs, a gtx 460 needs only 24A on the 12v rail?
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  1. please any one help me my friend needs a best budjet psu for gtx 460 as he is investing everything in the gpu.
  2. I would say so yes, i had a Huntkey Titan PSU, and that run a 470 and a 465 perfectly fine for months. No issues or anything. People say only get decent make PSU's and maybe their right. But ive gone for mid to low ranged PSU's and NEVER had an issues within the 10 odd years of PC Experiance.

    Even though i have now just gone with a Coolermaster PSU lol :)
  3. The zeb psu has only one 6 pin pcie connector.

    if i use a adapter can i run the gtx 460 with a q8400 ,4gb ddr3 ram

    500gb hdd, 2 80mm blue case fans ?
  4. Yes you can. :)
  5. You can, though you should not push that PSU too much.
  6. my full specs

    intel q8400,4gb ram,intel dg41kr,500gb hdd,samsung dvd rw,2 80mm blue

    led case fans. with this can i run a gtx460 by inserting via adapter.

    will there be any problems like restarting often, or game error when i use a

    zeb 600w platinum series smps.
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    That's Zeb 600W Platinum series.

    Read this article:,2684-13.html

    yes, it should handle GTX460 just fine, GTX460 need 24 A minimum. :)
  8. how about gtx460 on load? it takes about 270w and the q8400 almost takes

    160w of the 324W on the 12v line. what about mobo ,ram?
  9. Alright, forget all things that i've said above.
    Get a new PSU, Corsair 400W or more...
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