Mobo and cpu and ram and case

mobo cpu and case and ddr3 ram
im a beginner at computers so sorry if i make a mistake( i know how to spell but cfant type for ****).

i already have a 5770 gpu, and antec earthwatts ea500 psu, and a hard drive with windows xp on it.

now i need a case, mobo, new cpu, and ddr3 ram, is there anything else that i need to finish a computer?

i need a cheap case, and i decided on this one:
for the case, i dont care how it looks, as long as it is not costly and provides alot of room for expansion.

do you guys think that the case is worth getting?

now i just need to decide on a mobo, cpu, and ram.

for the mobo i decided to go with this:

it is cheap, has great reviews, and is am3, with ddr3 support (will prefer ddr2 but not much mobo uses it anymore). and provides lots of pci and pcie slots to put a 5770 and in the future if needed, i can crossfire those.

now i just need to decide on a cpu and ram.
the cpu that i want to get is this:

do u thikn its good?

the ram that i want to get(1 of this) :

and two of these rams:

I ALREADY HAVE 5770 and an antec earthwatts ea500 cpu.

do i need anyother components ( i think i got em all) to upgrade my pc( essentially build a new one?)

thanks for help.

thanks for the help.
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  1. none of your links are working for me oddly.
  2. links should work now, i edited it and i chose different cpu and memory.

    please tell me what you think
  3. bump
  4. bump
  5. what is your budget??
  6. under 400 dollars.
    i already listed parts that i already decided on.
    i just need your opinions.
  7. The CPU & mobo are good

    about the RAM you should consider buying a dual channel kit only
    because of the dual channel configuration of your mobo
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