Cheap SLI mobo

Hey guyz, can anybody of u think of a cheap SLI mobo?


PCIe 2.0 x16's or dual x8(anything as long there is no bottleneck)
LGA755(compatible with quads)
70 USD or less

if there is no board that is 70 USD or less, try to think of the cheapest mbo u knw that fits the other specifications I listed

although I live in the Philippines; I'll see if I can find any of the options u guyz list....specific computer stuff aren't exactly hard to find here although no where near as complete as USA or UK
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  1. Hello
    Well socket 775 SLI motherboards are hard to find now, the best one i found was ASUS P5N-D which costs $90
  2. AW, Asus P5n's are extinct here, all I can find are P5n-mx's and they're all used and can be bought in difficult locations..anyways I'll try to see if I can find some in ebay...for now, can u guyz think of anythin else?
  3. try going onto and check out the b-stock mobo's. they had the 970i digital 775 3-way sli on there for $60 a little while ago.
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