Core i5 2500k with h67

hi i would like to know if i can use the turbo on core i5 2500k on h67 motherboard?? thank you
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  1. Overclock it? Not really. H67 boards are severely limited in that sense
  2. its supose to be a 3.3GHz and 3.7GHz turbo boost can i use the native overclock of 3.7GHz? thats what i want to know
  3. Well, you'd be limited to the CPU specifications when it comes to Turbo. Could you run all 4 cores/8 threads at 3.7 ghz? No. That's only for a single core, and it decreases as more cores are used for whichever application

    It might give you up to 3.4 ghz on all 8 threads though. My 2600K stock 3.4 ghz will run @ 3.495 when not overclocked
  4. and when you use turbo boost what it gives?
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    Simple answer: Yes, Turbo Boost works normally on H67 mainboards.

    You can also overclock the graphics core if you don't have a graphics card installed.
  6. all i wanted to know thank you
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  8. Yeah, that's what I said, but it will not be the same as a CPU overclocked to 3.7 since only one core applications will benefit from that. 2 cores will get 3.6 ghz, 3 cores 3.5, and 3.4 (most likely) for everything else including HT
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