ASrock Fatal1ty 990FX problem (Shutting off)

I'm upgrading my motherboard from an MSI GF615M-P31 to the Fatal1ty board listed in the title.

I have a unique problem that i haven't found on any forums so i'm asking the pros!

I have every single cable and plug firmly plugged in and i've double checked all connections so lets get that out of the way.

When i start the computer, the Dr. Debug LEDs start it usually cycles to various points before shutting off. No warning, no blue screen, just shuts off.

This is a progressive error as sometimes it gets farther, and other times it stops shorter, it's really just throwing me for a loop.

Basically the problem is that it keeps shutting down without warning after about 20 seconds or so.

I've never done a motherboard transfer / upgrade so i'm much more inclined to believe it's something i'm missing rather than a faulty mobo.

I'm going to post videos showing the Dr. Debug LED process as well as what's being displayed on screen but regardless of whether i try to adjust the BIOS or let it try to boot, it shuts down in the middle of it.

If I had to develop a little independance and use my brain i would guess that it may be a PSU failure, but that would be incredibly strange as it had been running on my old board without EVER failing at all.

Specs: CPU Phenom II x6 1100t stock clock 3.3ghz /w Zalman heatsinc (fan)
GPU GTX 560 Ti 2gb also stock
Corsair 620 watt PSU
2x4 gb Patriot DDR3 RAM @ 1333
Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA HDD
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  1. Alright, the first thing you are going to want to do is remove anything that is non essential from the system, preferably taking the MB out of the case.

    Place the MB on a towel or wood board, plug in power, 1 RAM Dimm, GPU and 1 HDD

    There may be some sort of short going on in your case or something to that nature.

    Using that method try to get into the BIOS.
  2. This is a silly question.. But did you replace the thermal paste on the CPU / HSF when you switched boards?
  3. I'm going to try your advice from your first post. As for the second, i did not replace the paste as there was still plenty there because it was a very recent upgrade.

    If that's important i have more, i just thought it would be wasteful.
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    Yes, you should always change the paste every time you remove the HSF. Once it heats up for the first time it changes the chemical composition of the compound, and once you separate it, and put it back together it does not have the same temperature properties.

    Your problem could actually stem from the CPU Overheating and shutting down to prevent damage.

    I changed the paste and am currently installing the drivers!

    I was right! I'm just an idiot so it was an oversight on my part! SO glad I came here first!!!
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  7. haha, glad it worked out for you and was something simple :)

    Good luck!
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