Mobo for Now vs. Mobo for Future

I'm kind of stuck right now w/ which direction to go w/ my motherboard.

For a long time I was considering the...

ASUS P8Z68-V PRO LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS
--Board recommended by Maximum PC in it’s October issue. Good at overclocking, pretty and easy to navigate UEFI, and bluetooth.
--Has 7.1 Sound

But lots of people on Tom's Hardware in the systems: New Builds section have been recommending the...

ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
--This MoBo is Ivy Bridge / PCI 3.0 ready = future-proof
--Everybody recommends it constantly on Tom’s Hardware, but the low price scares me into believing that it isn’t as fast as other motherboards. How can it be so cheap? What features are eliminated to make this possible that other motherboards have?
--Has 7.1 Sound

People suggest that I should go w/ the Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 because it offers future proofing for PCIE 3.0 which is due out some time early 2012. The Extreme3 Gen3 comes w/ support for Ivy Bridge also.

I created a thread about my build yesterday morning...

In this thread, a helpful forum surfer offered me some advice about which motherboard I should choose. He suggests that the Extreme3 Gen3 is a cheaper motherboard that has poor warranties and lower quality than a motherboard I should be choosing for my "$2000 Gaming Rig". He suggests the ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution.

ASUS P8P67 WS REVOLUTION LGA 1155 Intel P67 / NVIDIA NF200 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS

You have a mish-mash of parts in there ... some High Quality some .... well shall we say, more suited to a budget system.

MoBo - Will you benefit from Z68 ? from what I read, I don't think this and decide: [...] -a-22.html

Do you want to base a $2k system on a MoBo that doesn't offer a industry standard 3 year warranty ? Too many mobo industry issues for me to risk that. I'd opt for a manufacturer / model that offers a 3 or 5 year warranty.

My recommended MoBo in a $2k build is the Asus WS Revolution (assuming of course you not benefitting from anything on the above link that would warrant Z68 ..... I have used this board in over half dozen builds.

This combo saves ya $20 off the 2500k [...] mbo.729124

Read about why the NF200 chip: [...] 10-17.html

This very helpful and wise forum surfer, Jack, suggests to me that I don't need the features supported by Z68, and based on his argument and the links he posted, he appears to be right for certain. I already am planning for an SSD and won't be doing any transcoding. ALSO, with the P8P67 WS Revolution especially/in particular, I can get extra boosts w/ a 2 graphics card setup. Since I plan on going 2 x GTX 580, this WS Revolution board would be a great choice.

HOWEVER... I have some questions about whether all of this is a good idea.

The WS Revolution is a P67 motherboard. If I get this board I wouldn't have the opportunity to upgrade to PCIE 3.0 or Ivy Bridge in the future. I wouldn't have access to Z68 features.
-----Is this motherboard worth setting aside those factors?
-----Is this an old board that should be left in the dust in favor of future proof boards?

It is difficult for me to decide if I should go with either the P8P67 WS Revolution, the P8Z68-V Pro, or the Extreme 3 Gen 3.

Is it better to pick a motherboard for the here and now (BF3) and just max it out, setting aside future proofing?
Or is it better to pick a motherboard like the Extreme 3 Gen 3 and shoot for the future at the expense of the here and now?
--If I go Extreme 3 Gen 3 I will be telling myself it is okay to pick and spend the money on a new Ivy Bridge CPU and PCIE 3.0 graphics card in the future after dropping a bunch now on current parts.

Anyways, long and rambling, thank you for your time. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give on this.
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  1. There are high end mobos with pcie 3.0/IB support as well, like the extreme4 or extreme7.

    But would agree along the lines of jack. You don't need z68 and you stated it only needs to last 2-3years and the 2500k should be plenty with just a gpu upgrade to keep maxing all games.

    I don't usually dip my hands into $2k build help because it it was me I'd go with the extreme3 (skimp anywhere I can) to put more money in the gpu and just deal with the minor performance loss and shorter warranty vs the ws revo. But then I'd have better gpus that perform better even with the minor performance hit. Similar to what they did in the SBM $2k build.,3031.html
  2. First off, do not place PCIe 3.0 as the deciding point, because it will do absolutely nothing for you.

    PCIe 3.0 x8 = PCIe 2.0 x16

    A GTX590 (currently the most powerful card made, actually made of 2 processors) doesn't even full saturate a PCIe 2.0 x8 bus.

    It is going to be a *very* long time before a 2.0 x16 bus is even close to saturated.

    The difference between 2.0 and 3.0 is going to be mostly seen in storage devices that connect using the PCIe bus.

    your cards won't even get close to saturating x8, x8 so it really shouldn't make or break the decision.
  3. Thank you gentleman!

    I appreciate that both of you offer differing information that does not conflict and together answers my question pretty handily.

    I think the WS Revolution would be a good choice because as you stated k1114,

    But would agree along the lines of jack. You don't need z68 and you stated it only needs to last 2-3years and the 2500k should be plenty with just a gpu upgrade to keep maxing all games.

    I will continue to consider a cheap motherboard for when the time comes to pull the trigger. One night of drinking at the bar could smash my budget and if that happens I might have to go w/ the extreme 3 gen 3. If I am able to keep it together and save all my funds, I will prob go w/ the more powerful mobo in the form of the WS Revolution.

    And thank you very much itz, you have confirmed and lifted a great weight off of my shoulders in the form of whether or not to future-proof. If I go w/ the GTX 580's they should be more than enough to occupy/saturate the PCIe 2.0 slots over time, since they carry such a heavier bus load. If I understand that correctly.

    What I have learned here, is that I do not need Z68, I don't need to worry about future-proofing for PCIe 3.0, and that PCI2 2.0 still has plenty of life left in it considering the large amount of activity/potential in bus it can handle that has yet to be tapped.

    Best to pick a Mobo for the NOW.
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    just FYI a 580 will saturate less of a bus than a 590, since the 590 has 2 processors.

    So a single 580 per slot is always going to be less than a 590 in the same slot, and if the 590 doesn't even saturate the x8 bus there is no way a 580 will saturate it.

    So, yes a 2.0 bus will be more than enough for the 580, as they will never maximize it. And I doubt we will see a single card maximize a x16 bus for a long time to come
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