For 1440x900, which is better: the new GTS 450 or 5750 Vapor X?

So guys, I'm planning to replace my old 7600GT with either the new GTS 450 (probably MSI Cyclone) or Radeon 5750. My screen is 1440x900, and here's my spec (3 years old PC):
- C2D E6750 at stock
- GA-P35-DS4
- 2GB DDR2 PC 6400 RAM
- PSU Corsair 520W
- Cooler Master Cavalier (1x80mm intake fan, 1x120mm exhaust fan)

I guess I play what most of you play: COD MW (MW2), Crysis, Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, etc...

Beside performance, my main concern is low temperature and noise level.

So, what's your opinion?
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  1. GTS 450 performs between 5750 and 5770 so its faster.
  2. If you are in the US the HD5770 is a better choice for the money than either.
  3. i would also go for the 5770 or wait for the 6000 series.
  4. But how hot and loud is 5770, especially the Vapor X series? I'm a bit concern about heat and fan noise (FYI, I once had a Pentium D 930 with stock fan, and it sounded like hair dryer), especially since my casing only has 1x120mm exhaust fan (aside from PSU fan)...
  5. 5770 (especially the Vapor-X version) runs very cool and quiet.
  6. Well if you aren't in a hurry i'd wait for price drops on the GTS450 'cause it has better tesselation & DX11 performance. If you're getting the card right now then go for the 5770, it's a better value for the money in this moment than the GTS450.
    But as i said if i was in your place i would wait for GTS450 price drops.
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