Which power supply should i get?

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  1. Lets see, a Coolermaster "eXtreme power" plus 500W with that little red voltage switch that screams "I'M AN ANCIENT DESIGN!", or a Corsair 450VX unit? This might take me some time...

    Nevermind, I got it. I'd go with the Corsair.
  2. ^+1 ummh yep! the Corsair.
  3. i've had that same corsair (i think i haven't looked in there for a while) running 24/7 for something like 2 years now, maybe more i can't remember. Anyway it's been a rock through at least 2 graphics cards and 2 cpu's. Go with that one.
  4. okay corsair it is :)

    thanks for the advice guys
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