Palit 4870 doesnt work anymore

I need some help guys, i just bought a second hand graphics card, palit 4870 512 sonic edition to replace my hd 4770.

I installed it successfully started up perfect i even played some games, but when i shut off my computer to install a blue ray player which i also bought, the computer didnt start, there's power throughout the pc even the fans on the card are working but not starting. Its a black screen.

I know its the card because i reinstalled my 4770 card into my board and the computer started up.

I dont understand why it was working and now it doesn't.

Could it be something wrong with the power? i have a gigabyte 720w PSU.

Thanks guys
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  1. It sounds dead to me, i had the same thing with a 9800GT card, 4 days after the warranty ran out it went dead on me, tried it in 3 different PC's and the same occured.

    Only thing i could suggest is try it in another machone if possbile, see if there works. Otherwise, it does sound to have died..
  2. Thanks for replying, Ive yet to try it in another computer. Can the cards fans still be running if the card is dead?
  3. Yes, as there is power going to the GPU, but the chipset on the GPU is dead, meaning no return signal.
  4. please read this,

    Ensure your graphics card is fixed properly. try removing and installing it again.
    Take out your mobo CSMOS battery,clean it and fix again.
    Make sure there is no bad oduour and black spots on mobo as well as on RAM chips.

    I also had this same problem,but after removing my CSMOS battery and cleaning it, my problem got fixed.
  5. Sorry What do you mean by CSMOS battery? Is it that round silver battery i see on my board? Im new to this
    btw The palit 4870 uses two 6pins and my 4770 only uses one so is the battery thing linked to that maybe?

  6. I tried this and it didn't work:( thanks anyway
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