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Hello guys,

I recently purchased an ASUS P5QL Motherboard (Not pro or anything just P5QL). I installed everything correctly. Now I want to connect to the internet but its not connecting. It keeps saying "Identifying" then limited. So I figured I had to install the drivers. I have Windows 7 64 Bit and the CD is only for Windows Vista so I downloaded the LAN and Chipset drivers online. I installed with no issues and rebooted but still nothing is working. What should I do?

Omar Bibars
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  1. BUMP. Someone please reply this issue has been killing me for the past 2 days.
  2. BUMP
  3. Did you download and install the following Realtek 8111C LAN Controller driver from Realtek's Download site? It was last updated 9 days ago from today.

    Win7 and WinServer 2008 R2 Driver Version 7.048 (Updated: 2011/9/19)

    The Realtek RTL8111C LAN Driver on ASUS' website is from July 20, 2009.

    Did you try a different LAN cable?

    Are any of the LEDs for the LAN port flashing?
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