Sapphire Radeon HD5670 1Gb PCIe compability problem?

I have a problem with my newly ordered Sapphire Radeon HD5670 1Gb. When I put it into my computer, the CPU-fan keeps on rolling and my DVD-drive makes this 'knockick' sound. At first I thought it was about my power (it was 350W), so I decided to order a new one. My old one was crap anyway. Put that in and nothing. I checked my PCIe and it said I have PCIe 1.00, and the card requires 2.1. I read the forums and it was said that it was a compability problem. Now, I checked the and it said that it requires PCIe 2.0! I am totally confused, I was gonna return this card and get a similar one and try with that.

What should I do?!
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  1. What is the model number of your card and what motherboard are you using?
  2. Mainboard
    Platform Compliance : AMD LIVE!
    Manufacturer : Asus
    Multi-Processor (MP) Support : No
    Multi-Processing (MPS) Version : 1.40
    Model : M2R-FVM
    Version : 1.XX
    Chipset : V

    System Bus 1
    Type : PCIe 1.00 x16 2.5Gbps
    Multiplier : 3x
    Bridge : ATI (AMD) RS480 PCI-X Root Port

    The above link is the link from the product info from the site I ordered it. And the site says PCIe 2.1.
  3. That link says nothing about which version of the card you have(and whether it is 2.0 or 2.1) but your motherboard is 1.0 and doesn't have any recent BIOS updates. It may have issues using a 2.1 card.
  4. What about if it was a 2.0 card? Could it work?
  5. A 2.0 card should work fine on a 1.0 slot. It is 2.1 cards that sometimes have issues.
  6. Indeed.

    But I am gonna return this, and get a same one. It might be the delivery or my own stupidity that fucked up the card, I might aswell just try once more. Are there any other graphic cards that match the same price-range and a similar performance?
  7. There are 2.0 HD5670s. If you purchased a 2.1 card your best bet would just be to return it and get one that is 2.0. The card is the best choice in its price range. A 9800GT may be another option but it usually costs slightly more and isn't DX11. Also there are two versions of the 9800GT. One of them uses significantly more power so if you do go for that look for one without a 6-pin power connector.
    For any other options I would need to know your power supply and processor.
  8. My PSU is König's 550W, nothing else I know, since the manufacturer doesn't involve too much info. Processor is AMD Intel Core Duo 5200+ 2,6Ghz.

    But if there actually are some 2.0 cards, I will search for one. I thank for your swift and clear answers.
  9. Where are you located and how much do you have to spend on a card? Also what is the native resolution of your monitor?
  10. I live in Finland, and I can spend max. 130€, that's why I chose the HD5670 in the first place. Native resolution is 1680x1050, 22".
  11. How much is an HD4850 or GTS 250 where you are? In the US they don't cost that much more and are more appropriate for your resolution.
  12. How big of a performance-loss are we talking about here? I want the best in this price-range.
  13. The HD4850 and GTS 250 are similar in performance. Both are approximately 30-40% faster than the HD5670 at your resolution depending on the game. The HD5670 is intended more for lower resolutions(1280x1024 and below) so if you can afford an HD4850/GTS 250 it is the right choice in your situation.
  14. One last question; how about an HD5770? It seems like this one is PCIe 2.0.
  15. An HD5770 would be ideal actually but I figured it would be out of your price range. In general for your resolution it goes something like this;
    Fantastic = GTX 460, HD4890, HD 5830
    Very good = HD5770, HD4870, GTX 260
    Pretty good = HD5750, HD 4850, GTS 250
    OK at medium/low settings = HD5670, 9800GT
  16. Oh yeah, I forgot about the newly released GTS 450. It slots in between the HD5750 and HD5770 and would be a worthy choice depending on the price over there.
    BTW overclocking your processor is a good idea no matter what card you get. The E5200 should get up to 3.3-3.5ghz easily with just the stock cooler.
  17. Yeah, I thank you for your awesome tips and tricks.
    But I found a bargain for Sapphire HD5770 1Gb PCIe 2.0; 139,90€. So I think I'm going with that. And the processor-clocking sounds nice too. Mm.
  18. It's a good choice. At your resolution the only games that will give it some problems are Crysis and Metro 2033 and they will still be playable, you'll just have to lower some settings. Outside of those 2 it'll mostly be about what level of anti-aliasing(AA) you can apply and on most games even maxing that out shouldn't give you an issue.
  19. Okay, an issue over another issue;

    I got my HD 5770 today. Turns out, the page that sells it said 2.0, but the package itself says 2.1. This gives me the ultimate decision not to buy anything until I see. Hopefully someone else will learn from my mistakes; I clearly have.
  20. Hmm. Did you actually try it? It could be the box that is wrong.
  21. Yes I actually did. The same thing. I am thinking that this must be the mainboard that is broken or smthng. The Nvidia GeForce 8600GT I'm working on right now works just fine. Nothing else will work.
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