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Strange System Reboot issues

Last response: in Motherboards
September 28, 2011 8:34:07 PM

Hi ,
My Desktop system is having strange issues from past couple of weeks.
Actually the biggest of them that is of my prime concern is that "Its getting restarted every once in a while, itself".
Sometimes it reboots 10 times in a minute, sometimes once in an hour , and sometimes it keeps on rebooting like as it were programmed to be in an infinite reboot loop :p .........

It doesnt seems to be a software or O\S issue , as the system is rebooting even when its booted up , or when I am setting up the BIOS , or even when I am choosing which OS to boot....
sometimes it boots up in middle of any important work...:( :( 

Currently installed Operating system are
-Windows Seven Ultimate
-Windows Xp Sp3
-Ubuntu10.04 (Missing Grub it doesnt appears in bootup anyhow,but its installed in a seperate part on hdd)

The physical configuration of my Computer System is
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz 2mb l2 cache mem,(~3.5 Years Old)
Intel DG14RQ motherboard ( ~10 months old)
3 Gb DDR2 ram , dual channel ,(1gb Apacer (3yr old) and 2gb kingston (10 months old))
250gb Sata HDD WD Sata 1(Boot Config installed ), 1024GB Sata HDD WD sata 2,
Dvd-R Lg Sata 3,
Nvidia GeForce 8400gs Zotac ,
I also use samsung smb2030 syncmast lcd on DVI cable.

Now can any one tell me the reason why My computer keeps on rebooting at any point of time..???
Is there a conflict in Memory , cause it dual channeled.
Also sometimes the grfx card fails to work , or say sometimes it appears like the system is running in 8 bit color mode , cause from boot-up screen till windows logon screen the screen color looks pathetic and messy with green green and white lines all over the screen..........

I fixed this problem last month by diassembling and then re-assembling everything out of the cabinet....but this has appeared again and I am facing this issue from past three four days .,
This time I left Bio setting back to original -load optimal settings- but it didnt gave any results. :( :(  .
a c 121 V Motherboard
September 28, 2011 8:37:53 PM

If you go into your BIOS, what are the temperatures sitting at?

What are the temps like once you boot the system?
September 28, 2011 8:39:36 PM

I have faced BSOD scree once in a while , and sometimes this reboot issue starts after the BSOD as well.
The SMSP is of Oddyssey 400watts and w/o any UPS power backup.
Also I have a Lan cable connected to my system.
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September 28, 2011 8:43:52 PM

ITZDANIELP , Usually the temperature ranges are not above 60degree centigrade for any of the peripherals.
Hdds have 35 degree temp , cpu runs around 50 degree temp and gpu around 47-54 degree temp...motherboard also has very low temperature ...~40 -42 degree temp,.
I did the temperature check using a tool called speccy , and the temps are in Centigrades.// dont have a temp checking optin in motherboard...its INTEL.!
a c 121 V Motherboard
September 28, 2011 8:45:29 PM

Did the problem start when you added the new Memory (around 10 months ago?)
September 28, 2011 9:39:05 PM

Well last time when I upgraded my system configuration , It was 1 gb ddr2 with msi-945 motherboard....w/o gfx card and 200 watts smps......... when I added 2gb card and the gfx card..the smps alongwith the motherboard burned out......
SO replaced it with intel motherboard and added the 400 watts smps....

I think I do have some instability due to this ram combination, although they have same frequency setting...I think 666mhz...

Also this error seems more frequent ever since I added a 1TB WDD hard disk....7200rpm with 64mb cache.... the earlier one was 32 mb cache.......

is there any instability due to multiple hdds ??
a c 121 V Motherboard
September 28, 2011 9:44:53 PM

No, the HD shouldn't cause any instability issue as it is only for storage, unless you have them in a RAID setup.

I think most of your problems are from your RAM. using different size RAM as well as different brand can definitely cause issues.
September 28, 2011 9:56:07 PM

Actually I tried taking out the ram modules and using them independently .....still it persists.........this problems is really wierd for me..:(