What is the best of the best?

i want to build my own pc in the next year or so and am starting to look around and was wondering what is the best bits a pieces to get, i am building it for gaming and will not be skimping on costs.

so from the top what case should i get to what graphics cards ( i already have an idea of the main things like the graphics cards ati radeon hd 5970 X2 unless a better card comes out).

and i would also like to know things like would it be a good idea to put a liquid cooler system init if its going to be really powerful and is it easy to do, i dont know much about liquid cooled systems, if it is straight forward i will probably do it. thanks
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  1. Since you are going to doing this "in the next year" - NOTHING out today can really compare for recommendations.

    The video chip makers are coming out with NEW cards and designs.

    The processor makers are coming out with NEW chips and sockets.

    Which means the mobo makers will be coming out with NEW boards.

    Until they are out and tested and benchmarked - we can't "say" at which ones will be top. We can only "guess" from leaked and released info from the manufacturers. Hit us up 2nd Quarter of 2011.
  2. ^+1
  3. it will probably be next year at some point and i know there will be better cards and processors and everything else but whats the best around now so i can keep an eye on new releases as there is so many i dont know whats new and whats kinda old. apart from the obvious stuff
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