Is 8800 gt a Good graphics card?Can it challenge new games??

I need to buy a Graphics Card...but i am very 8800 gt a good graphics card than 9 series cards or other cards?Simply is it a better card coz i want to play games without lagging...and also my monitor resolution is 1024*768..psu-300w..Ram-1gb and 3.06Ghz Intel Processor....Please Please Help you always do....Thanx
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  1. The 8800GT is nearly four years old, why would you buy one when there are other cards out there?
  2. For your screen resolution, 8800GT is enough for a year ahead, but I think you won't be able to play some game at higher setting over these years since more of game coming will demand more powerful GPU
  3. Sounds like you got a P4, the P4 will bottleneck just about every thing these days but on a very tight budget the 8800gt is a good card. It won't max out every thing due to that cpu but modern games will suck up all that you give them.
  4. Well, it depends on what resolution and the rest of your system, if you have Pent.4 then any card today will be bottlenecked by your CPU...

    But for your resolution, 8800GT is more than enough to play most of games with decent setting (in case you have a FAST CPU). :)
  5. Not looking past the fact that you have a 300watt PSU and an old P4 system with 1 GB ram. I would suggest (apart from upgrading the whole system) 1 more GB ram (will make a big difference) and a HD4650/70 for your resolution.
  6. Your card is fine if your not picky about running the newest games at max settings. Im surprised the 300w PSU can actually run that card without problems, so you dont really have much of an upgrade path without a PSU upgrade. You also dont have enough ram as others have pointed out.
  7. To answer your question about the 9 series- it is not much different. But as others have stated, you have many other issues/bottlenecks and I think you will not realize the potential of even that card.

    You cannot simply buy a powerful vga card and then all is good. This happened to me when I wanted to play gta 4. I bought a beastly card only to find teeny tiny gains in fps because I did not have an adequate processor (dual core 2.2ghz). so you see, you need to evaluate your system as a whole.
  8. thanxs guys...thanx for helping me wat i need to do is change my whole system or wat??my RAM is now 2 (gb 667 Mhz)..will it be sufficent for new games?Can 9500 gt be a good graphics card for my system?
  9. The 9500GT is not really a gaming card, if it's a choice between that or an 8800GT/9800GT then go for the 8800 or 9800.
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