Advice on Mobo and Memory for 2600k, 2x6970s, and revo X2 hard drive

Say, looking for some advice on what to do for my memory and motherboard on my next build.

Main concern is what kind of motherboard do I need to ensure adequate space so my OCZ drive doesn't heat one of my 6970s up too much? I'm also hoping to reach 5.0 ghz stable on air with a noctua d40 cooler. Any suggestions on a better cooler are welcome as well. Spending as much as I am on the revodrive I want to be able to utilize it at its max potential. I don't want the last available slot to revert to 1x speed because of the crossfire setup.

Also, what kind of memory should I be looking at getting with that 5.0 ghz stable overclock in min. 16 GB is what I plan to get but am unsure of what speed. OS will be windows 7 64 bit home premium. I don't know that much about timings, overclocking etc... but am looking to hack my way through it by using overclocking guides etc...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Also, any tips on a case would be useful to me as well. Looking at Silverstone Raven RV03.
  2. one of these should do what you are looking for.

    I wouldn't really worry about heat on the SSD, since they run cool to begin with.

    I would go with 8GB or RAM, since a lot of systems don't really like using a full 8GB of RAM above 1333MHz, so I would say DDR3 1600MHz 8GB
  3. Was looking at for the motherboard


    for memory. 8gb will be better than 16 gb for overclocking?

    Anyone prefer the dominator over ripjaw or vice versa for overclocking?
  4. That is a great MB but I would suggest a P67 chipset board since you will not be using the onboard graphics that the Z68 offers.

    Yes, 8GB will be better than 16GB, I would suggest getting 1600MHz instead of 1333MHz also.

    I use Corsair, but both brands are solid, can't really go wrong either way.

    BTW, OC'ing your memory is mostly pointless, as you get a *maybe* 1-2% increase in benchmarks and no noticeable difference in day to day use. And you get the disadvantage of instability.
  5. Yah, that board I was looking at too. Am i getting similar quality capacitors/lifetime with either of those boards at this price point? So essentially, I'd be paying a lot for a feature that I would not use on the Z68 and nothing more? Both seem very capable of overclocking. Anything I'd be missing out on by going with the P67?

    So 8GB 1600Mhz OF 8 8 8 24 timings, from Mushkin, Crucial, Gskill, Corsair etc... would all be good for this build? Why all of the exotic timings that are offered out there? When would one want the 9-11-9-28, or 9-10-9-27 timings? I'm going to read up on ram timings etc...

    I trust that you know what you are talking about, I just want to make sure I've weighed my options before I pull the trigger here.
  6. The lower or "tighter" the timings, the better the performance, also the less stable due to closer allowances.

    The extra price of the Z68 board is just features that you won't be using, both are great quality.

    Mushkin, Crucial, G Skill, Corsair, Kingston and Patriot are all solid brands to go with.

    But again, there is no point in OCing the memory. Just get high speed (1600 MHz) RAM and leave it default, less things you have to jockey around to get working properly, and almost no difference performance wise.
  7. I really like that board you suggested last there, the problem is I think its one of the ones that just for whatever reason will not boot with that revo X2. I can't find anyone who'se gotten it to work.
  8. I can tell you that the new Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z, the Z being the Z68 chipset, works ok with a Revo3 in Pci-e 1 at x16, 16gb of Kingston HyperX (4x4), and 2 GTX550's.
    The same setup worked in a P8Z68v, but with the Revo in Pci-e 3, the reason I switched was that the z68 runs the first two slots at x8 in SLI and to get x4 on the third slot it disables a few things that could be useful like USB3.
    The new board lets me use x16 on all 3 slots, and although I couldn't find anything definitive to say it would make a difference, it "feels" quicker and I'm still "playing" with it.
    The cold boot problem is worth reading up on before buying the Z68 chipset, combined with the "long?" boot times associated with loading the Revodrive, try Windows 95 on a 486 before bleating too loud, the performance of the revo once in windows is awesome though.
    I'd be very surprised if the revo x2 wouldn't run as well in place of the revo3 either way.
    As to coolers I chose the V10 over water because of the high temps here in summer, so far I'm not regretting the choice, the peltier lets me set the cpu temp like a switch.
    I guess the test will be when it's 50 deg in the shade.

    A bit of a rant but I hope it helps.
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