Best time to BUY Computer/Parts?

Good afternoon everyone!!

I am an old school PC gamer, but am a complete newbie to compture hardware in general. I know the basic parts and how a comp runs but have never assembled a computer myself. That being said I can either buy a pre-built budget gaming rig or buy all the parts and have a friend assemble it for me.

My Questions are these:

1. Are there any general times when pre-built comps/parts are at lower prices?...i.e.(Black Friday or after Xmas)?

2. I will be using budget parts; how often is there a fluctuation in prices between parts?...i.e.(A new GPU or processor series is released-in general the months between series/models) And if so, are the price drops that substantial to notice?

To narrow it down alittle my preferred time-line is from now, Novemeber, to the end of March.

Thank you guys.
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  1. Black Friday has deals. Most online retailers have daily or weakly deals! Often new releases of components (generation change) causes lowered prices on previous generation.
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