Asus EPU + 1090t + asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3 trouble

built a new system with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, amd 1090+ cpu, asus m4A89GTD pro/usb3, 2x2GB DDR3 1333 mushkin ram, nzxt hale90 750 psu, 500gb seagate hdd, nzxt phantom case...

now when using asus epu and i click the "man walking" button, the tranquility level in the current status area increases...also an annoying sound that i have been trying to get rid of for about 2-3 weeks(since i built the system) that sounds like feedback from hdd access has went away!!!!

i was very happy till i noticed the system became VERY sluggish and i put it back to the "Flying plane" button and the noise was i loaded pc probe and noticed when i switch between these settings the vcore voltage drops from around 1.32 v to 1.21 v, the cpu temp drops from about 43 deg. to 37....the cpu fan also drops from 3300 rpm to 2710 rpm......

my multiplier also drops from 16 to 4 and mhz from 3200 to 800.

im asuming this is happening from some sort of overclocking being induced by the asus epu program.....

my question is what do you guys think the problem could be? do i need to lower my core voltage from the bios? if yes, what would be a good number that would keep the hdd feedback away but wont hinder system performance
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  1. The EPU is automatic overclocking which will overvolt as well. The multiplier drop is from Cool & Quit taking over at idle with out the overclock. You can always overclock yourself manually.
  2. where do i get decent #'s for voltage n stuff for the bios for my hardware? i really dont even wanna oc...just want my system stable and not freezing on me every 6 hours or so
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    Start buy disabling cool and quiet in Bios. It should stop the downclocking.
  4. found the magic mix!!! everything default with gpu boost disabled, C&Q enabled, c1e off, turbo for the noise, my studio speakers needed a ground lift...everythings running perfect...thanx 4 the help
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