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A big fan of this site. I have found almost all my answers by reading this forum, thanks. Now a question:
I have an Asus cm5571 desktop from best buy. Really been a good computer the last year. I bought a Gforce Nvidia gt220 graphic card right when i bought the pc. for what i do, online racing, it works real well. I also added a front intake fan, and rear exhaust pci fan. I read on here about upgrading the power supply, so now i am ready to do that. I am looking into a corsair gs600 ps.
What i want to do is upgrade power supply, add side panel window and fan, install second dvd / rewriter. But, the case is getting cramped. Is it possible to transfer all my coponents to a mid tower? Also, on this asus i really like the front cover, spring loaded door for the dvd drive. Also has a hide away door that has front usb, headphone/mic. jacks, and media card reader. If I can upgrade to a mid tower, can i transfer the front ports or do i have to find a case with them built in? Any suggestions on a case that has a front cover and media ports like the one i have? Also on the specs. of this it says it has built in keyboard LED panel? what is that? Any direction on PS would be appreciated. Thanks
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    If your media ports are in a hub that fits a drive bay you should be able to transfer it. Any mid tower should fit your needs.
  2. Thanks i will have to look at it more closely.
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