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Hello,i have a sabertooth x58, intel i7-950 bloomfield and corsair dominater gt 12gb memory and invidia geforce gtx 550ti. my computer is giving bsod of driver isses. What can i do.
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  1. What driver is it saying is giving the BSOD

    More than likely it is your nvidia driver.

    Download the newest driver for your Video card, and reinstall that driver
  2. bare with me i have hook it back up it keeps doing memory dumps i updated my bios and downloaded all up to date drivers to everything and now it only does it under a load or restart.
  3. It may be a heating issue. How many fans do you have?
  4. 9 i have a corsair h70 for my cpu, dominater fan on my memory 2-140mm intake and 3 120mm exhaust push pull on h70
  5. hmm, what are your CPU temps at under load? It sure doesn't seem like it should be a heating issue with your cooling rig, but you never know.
  6. under a load it runs around 42 north brirdge 55 i think it is the mother board everything checks good just got the program to open the files so i can see what they are butt wont be home till tomorrow just drove 5 hours to another motel and the tv is not fit to hook it up too. will be on tomorrow afternoon with it running again.
  7. What memory timings, freqeuncy and voltage are you running?
  8. not overclocking 888 9 24
  9. raja@asus said:
    What memory timings, freqeuncy and voltage are you running?

    every thing is set at auto dominater gt is tested at 1866 but will opterate at 1066 right
  10. update: windows update exe is corrupt and going to to a diffrent copy of windows 7 thank you guys will get back with yall when im done
  11. ok new os and still getting memory dump at witts end need rma from asus
  12. seems like my porcessor gets to hot but temp says its ok took the processor out and pins looked ok whaiting for thermo compound to hook my h70 back up. O lord i pray every one on the net will have a wonderful life
  13. ok i am still alive just got to get some thermo past and a new board then i will try again
  14. The most common reasons are: 1. Drivers, 2. AHCI BIOS/IDE Windows, 3. PSU, 4. BIOS setting(s)/corruption, 5. Bad component.

    1. Event Manager, look at the Critical errors listed and post them here; see below.
    Run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic Mode, reboot, and test. Does that correct the problems including BSOD?

    2. AHCI BIOS/IDE Windows - IF the BIOS is set to AHCI and Windows Start = 3 (IDE) you'll get all sorts of problems. To fix this, run 'Fix it' or manually change the registry values. Remember: BIOS SATA -> AHCI <=> Start = 0 /OR/ BIOS SATA -> IDE <=> Start = 3.
    Fix It -

    3. Question - What PSU? How old?
    4. What BIOS Changes above 'Load Defaults' were made?
    5. Try booting and Testing with (1) stick of RAM in the 2nd DIMM slot from CPU.
    Question - What EXACT set of Dominator GT 3x4GB or 6x2GB? I prefer a link.
    Question - {see #4} What BIOS settings? In 6x2GB DO NOT use XMP!

    Question - H70, {see #4} What BIOS settings? What Header is the H70 pump connected to?
  15. the bump and fan is powere by the power supply runs 100% and the power supply is hx 1200 by corsair and the rest i have to get some thermal paste to hook up my h70 before i can turn it back on. The bsod happens when i first turn it on and the in the middle of a medium load everything shows to be good the ram pulls up 12gb ddr3 this is my first build got about 1600 in it just frustrating getting these bsod. Will be next week before i get the thermal pasts couse i travel for a living so please be patiant with me thank all and everybody for there post and helping me
  16. More than likely Item #2 is where you need to start. If you're using XMP in the BIOS then don't especially if using (2) kits.

    Try a Clear CMOS; see the video for options 'How to' -

    The post will be around, but you answered none of the Questions expect 1/2 of Q #3.
  17. the psu is new the memory is 6 dimms 2gb = 12gb dominater gt 1866 @ 9 9 9 24 am using the latest bios from asus i cant turn on the computer cause i dont want the processer to over heat no heat sink hooked up
  18. Best answer
    If you're over heating with 'stock' then something is bad wrong. Pull the side of the Case off. Airflow, there needs to be MORE AIR OUT than in; negative pressure.

    Q7 - What Case?
    Q8 - What BIOS changes?

    Then at minimum you'll probably need to increase the BCLK and manually set the RAM or a simpler DOCP approach but loose some frequency; XMP is a guaranteed failure. I assume (2) Kits of CMT6GX3M3A1866C9 DDR3-1866 9-9-9-24-2N @ 1.65v.

    Blinders on to the RAM only 2 of 6 Q&A's.

    H70 - move the 'Pump' to the CPU_Fan header -- BUT see BIOS settings blow

    Load Defaults or Clear CMOS - use Jumper method -

    AI Treaker /
    AI Overclock Tuner -> DOCP
    DRAM OC Profile -> DDR3-18XX MHz ; depends on the BCLK
    DRAM Timing Control/Enter
    DRAM CAS -> 9
    DRAM RAS to CAS -> 9
    DRAM RAS PRE -> 9
    DRAM RAS ACT -> 24
    DRAM Timing Mode -> 2N
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage -> 1.25v~1.30v~1.35v ; with 6x_GB it needs to be manually set, start with 1.25v + test
    DRAM Bus Voltage -> 1.64v~1.68v ; with 6x_GB +0.03v may be needed, start with 1.64v

    Power /
    Q-Fan -> Disabled ; after loading Defaults it should be Disabled, the H70 requires 100% power

    Save & Exit = Yes.
  19. corsair 800d
    the latest on asus web 1208 or something like that and i am running default settiong
    will have this thing on next weekend just re hooked up the fans for heat sink with filter and grill just need thermal paste thank you for helping this means a lot thanks again
  20. one kit butt that is right on the rest it was a 24gb kit
  21. this is what is on the packaging cmt12gx3m6a1866c9 2048mb 1866mhz 9 9 9 24 1.65v ver7.1a Corsair Dominater GT memory
  22. intel i7-950 evga geforce gtx 550ti video card asus sabertooth x58 motherboard corsair obsidian 800d case
  23. Using the CMT12GX3M6A1866C9 'may' work XMP, but IMO set it manually as above - I knew the timings/specs for GT's; yes it's a 12GB 6x2GB Kit.

    The only Dominator 24GB Kit is the CMP24GX3M6A1600C9 which is DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24-2N @ 1.65v.
  24. I will set this up but the kit is strait from corsair 24gb kit 6x2gb kit, i will be home friday and have this back together and set the timings and start over again with a new window7 64bt thank you and all sure do like toms it is awsome.
  25. 6*2 = 12
    6*4 = 24
    6*8 = 48
  26. :??: 6*2=12
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  28. resolved it was the memory timings thanks very much
  29. damn its doing it again
  30. QPI/DRAM Core Voltage -> 1.25v~1.30v~1.35v ; with 6x_GB it needs to be manually set, start with 1.25v + test
    DRAM Bus Voltage -> 1.64v~1.68v ; with 6x_GB +0.03v may be needed, start with 1.64v
  31. it wont let me set the voltages
  32. ok just had to type them in
  33. How's it working afterwards?
  34. it worked good all morning and just did it again what is the rich with this motherboard
    it is most stayble at the lower setting where you said to start at will run a couple hours and bsod if i try anyother setting it wont even boot up bsod at windows start
  35. temps ar
    cpu= 35
    mb= 34
    mch= 50.5
    q-fam controls are disabled
  36. I assume the Event Manager just showed a 'shutdown' with no reason/driver(s) listed; in the Citical errors as above. The temps look fine.

    To fully rule-out the RAM, create a bootbable CD/DVD of Memtest, use the ISO/zip file, boot and run for 2-4 full passes or at least couple hours.
    Memtest86+ ->

    Then with your 'Temp App' run Prime95 + Blend for at least an hour, watch the temps for the first 10~15 minutes for spikes -
  37. what should my drive be set at
  38. AHCI or ADE
  39. i think it is messing up due to read right on the drive
  40. I only use AHCI, as above, but a I made a typo which is fixed below.

    SATA -> AHCI
    Save and Exit = Yes

    2. AHCI BIOS/IDE Windows - IF the BIOS is set to AHCI and Windows Start = 3 (IDE) you'll get all sorts of problems. To fix this, run 'Fix it' or manually change the registry values. Remember: BIOS SATA -> AHCI <=> Start = 0 /OR/ BIOS SATA -> IDE <=> Start = 3.

    AHCI = 0 = Start
    Fix It -

    Check the registry

    Example for AHCI and Start = 0
  41. it is set at IDE if i change it AhCI will it efect my set as is now
  42. I don't know what you mean, but 'sometimes' changing it causes a problem unless the Intel SATA drivers are installed. In all my builds, Windows 7, I only had one PITA issue to get AHCI working. It's not required, but highly recommended.

    The LGA 1155's are by Default AHCI.

    I assume when you built the PC you installed 'Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver' - IF using the Marvell install the Marvell 9128 Controller Driver non-beta driver. Make the BIOS changes, reboot, and Run Fix it.
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  45. @ultrabuckslayer - how's it coming??
  46. starting over i changed it to AHCI and bsod galore
  47. Did you download all of the drivers - first? If that happens again, AHCI BSOD, you MUST make certain AHCI = 0 = Start and IF you get a boot failure then boot off the Windows 7 DVD, press F8 and run the 'Startup Repair' ->
  48. its down loading updates as it can it periodicly bsod oxaooooo3e memory dump
  49. got now respect for this bios
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