Solo 4890/ 4870 xfire/4860 xfire VS Single 5850/ xfire 5850

Which is better (value-wise)? (disregarding directx 11, psu and mobo xfire [8x/8x] ready)

1 GB Sapphire 4860 xfire = $245
1gb Sapphire 4870 xfire = $280
1gb Sapphire 4870 Vapor-X ddr5 xfire (128bit) = $322

1gb Sapphire 4890 $172
1gb Sapphire 4890 Vapor-X $182
2gb Sapphire 4890 Vapor-X $223

1GB XFX 5850 =$292

The Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart doesn't appear to contain entries in xfire.

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  1. the bang for your buck in ur lineup would most likely be the sapphire 4870 crossfire for $280 two 4870s will beat out a single 5850 and cost less. I have seen an asus 4870 on sale at newegg for $105 at times. put two of those together for 210 and you got a good deal. I wouldnt usually recommend getting old tech but this is reallly a good deal seeing as dx11isnt really being used and isnt planned on being used that much in the near future. Here is a link to the card I was talking about
  2. Yes, 2x HD4870 will beat out a single HD5850, but HD4870 in CF setup will produce a lot amount of heat and noise, so you will better with a single HD5850 for now and you can add another one later if you have money...

    Dual HD5850 (another one later) would be GREAT. :)
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