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Hey everyone, I've read a bunch of topics on this site before and figured you guys could help me out, I'm looking to spend anywhere between $1,500-$2,000 on a good gaming build. I did a bit of research before I chose what to get and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or changes in mind, and if so I would greatly appreciate any advice, also I'm not really looking to overclock, if so then only going to a little bit...

CPU: Intel Core i5-760

MoBo: Intel BOXDP55KG

RAM: OCZ Platinum 4GB DDR3 (2 x 2GB)

HDD: (2x with Raid 0) Seagate Constellation ES ST3500514NS 500GB 7200 RPM

GFX: GeForce GTX 470 (From Gigabyte with a factory overclock I believe)


The case was a fairly quick choice with only a bit of research and so far I can't seem to find a PSU with everything I need without going overboard.

Also if it matters I'm using...

Monitor: LG W2486L (1920x1080)

Speakers: Logitech Z-5500 (5.1)

Both of which I already bought, any feedback would be very helpful and appreciated, thanks again!
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  1. Some changes -
    1. Mobo - Though Intel boards are fine, but I would better stick with ASUS/ Gigabyte/ EVGA/ MSI...
    Get this board -
    ASUS P7P55D-E Pro

    2. RAM - Though OCZ RAMs were good, but nowadays I have seen many issues being reported...So just be safe and get GSKillz/ Corsair/ Mushkin

    3. PSU - This should be a good option -

    4. HDD - Why RAID 0 ? If you want high performance, then get a SSD for boot - For OS, apps and some games And a big HDD for data

    5. Video cards - You might want to check out the HD 6870s...they offer as good performance as the GTX 470 and are cheaper, consume less power, run cooler...

    6. CASE - How about this Lian- Li ?
  2. For a 1500$ build you should get an i7 950
  3. ^True for that budget, you can get the i7, but IMO for a gaming PC, its not worth it as it doesnt offer any significant performance increase over the i5 760...
  4. gkay09 said:
    ^True for that budget, you can get the i7, but IMO for a gaming PC, its not worth it as it doesnt offer any significant performance increase over the i5 760...

    offers more future proof, Dice is stepping up the game in 2011, BF3 is supposed to be 64 bit...
  5. Thanks a lot for the input, I like the MoBo and RAM you mentioned, and thanks for finding a good PSU, also the Video Card sounds good too.

    Only thing I'm having trouble deciding on is the HDD choice, I don't have any experience using SSDs yet and I'm wondering if it's worth the higher price with less space?

    Also does the case you picked have any sort of advantage over the first one? Thanks again for your help.
  6. Spintpoint F3 for HDD, SSD I'd choose the one Gkay said.... CPU, Core i7 950 ~ 294.99

    toms recommended buy, for the mobo

    plsu this ram

    and the rest from what you already chose/we said to change.
  7. you need to get i7 for 1500, trust me.

    SSDs, I'd personally wait on till january, there are new ones coming out, supposed to be cheaper....
  8. Hmm well for a little bit more it does sound like a good idea to get the i7, just in case.

    As far as the SSDs, might just buy a cheap HDD to take its place and wait until January to get one like you said, are they really worth it though? How much more efficient are they?

    Edit: Oh also with the memory atotalnoob suggested, wouldn't I have to upgrade to 64bit?
  9. OHHHH you haven't??? YOU MUST HAVE 64BIT!!!

    It isn't going to be more efficeint(edit: well it might), just cheaper.

    Also if you can wait, wait for Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer, SB is coming out in January too, supposed to be as good as a 980X....
  10. The i7 isn't 64 is it?
  11. no I mean 64 bit windows
  12. Oh yeah but I mean wouldn't I have to get 64bit hardware to use it? And that would be different from what you suggested

    Edit: Or wait, I might be confusing myself and not making sense lol, 64bit is another thing I don't have too much, if any, experience with. This will be my first computer worth anything over $700 lol.
  13. =D I understand (we all aren't good with some things), all hardware produced now is 64 bit, except like phones and a few odd 'n' ends.
  14. Oh I see, thanks for the info, I heard there are a bunch of problems with drivers and stuff like that, is it still worth it to get 64?

    And I just got an idea, since I might be getting 64, should I spend some extra money and get double the memory? Also I was thinking since I did a rough total of around $1500, would it be smart to spend some money on water cooling and overclock some parts?
  15. Also, the problems with drivers and stuff now are resolved... it is rare... you don't need more then 6 gigs of RAM for a 950....
  16. Ahh ok gotcha, so how is this for a final build for a $1,500-$2,000 gaming build?

    CPU: Intel Core i7-950


    RAM: G.SKILL PI Series 6GB (3 x 2GB)

    HDD: Not exactly sure what I want here yet.

    GFX: Radeon HD 6870 1GB (Is this a good choice for the Manufacturer?)

    PSU: XFX Black Edition P1-750B-CAG9 750W

    Case: LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (?)

    (Edit: Just did some quick math plus any sort of tax or shipping, and the whole list here without any sort of hard drive and minus the OS, and I'll probably toss in a DVD-R sometime later, comes to $1,158.38, so I could go a bit more high end! Woo!)

    (Edit 2: oh that price includes a $20 mail in rebate lol)
  17. Hey, get spinpoint for storage hdd, and since we have some extra $$ get a vertex II ssd. I am on my phone so ill get links later.
    Btw, you know the gpu only has hdmi display port and dvi?
  18. ooh that sounds good, and yeah the monitor I bought has both those ports and a few more
  19. Just making sure ^^
  20. Again sorry to keep asking so many questions lol, but do you think it would be useful or going overboard if I got a 10,000 RPM HDD?

    And what would be a good size for the SSD?
  21. 10k RPM aren't worth it, the only time it is worth it is 15k RPM for servers.

    60 gigs(or more if you can afford it).... Vertex II are niceeee
  22. Ok So I added that SSD you linked to my list.

    And how about this for the HDD?

    Also Just came up with something, since I have some extra money to spend, should I set up a CrossFire?

    And I did some quick searching and I'm adding this as my optical drive

    Now if that's all good I suppose I just need to figure out what cables I still need lol
  23. I'd get Spinpoint personally, but it is good....
    Pretty good optic drive too =D...

    On cables, a lot of OEM don't have cables, so swinging by a ocmputer store, pick a few SATA 2 and 3 cables up, save your reciept so you can return the ones you don't use.
  24. Ahh gotcha, well looks like this is finally winding down, only a couple more questions left, since I have some cash left over, should I get a better case or even add a 2nd video card?
  25. If you want... a better case is only if you like astetics... another GPU is good, maybe a couple Fans, 10$ each, with LEDs.... or a Cathode light.
  26. ooh that sounds good too, now I suppose that about covers it right? If so then I want to thank you so much for all your help! Your help too gkay! You guys rock!
  27. Thanks dude, I can't think of anything else, except; game on! =D
  28. Woohoo! :D
  29. =DD
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