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Worth upgrading to DX11 from 8800GTS 512MB?

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
September 13, 2010 7:30:44 PM

So I was perusing the graphics card reviews today as I'm trying to work out if it would be worth my while getting a new card for DX11, and didn't really get anywhere so I'll ask you guys.

I'm currently using a BFG (who I just learned have left the graphics card business :(  ) 8800 GTS 512MB on a 1,680*1,050 display. I now have a few DX11 games and am getting worried that I'm missing out.

What I'm getting at is whether you think it'd be worth replacing my 8800GTS with something along the lines of a GTX460? Or is it just going to be a waste of money? Is DX11 all that? Ta for your help.

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a c 236 U Graphics card
September 13, 2010 9:18:26 PM

i would not say its a waste of money to upgrade to a GTX 460 but you are not missing anything by playing games in DX 10 rather then DX 11. If you are happy with the 8800GTS's performance, then no need to upgrade.
a c 107 U Graphics card
September 13, 2010 9:31:42 PM

You're not really missing out truth be told. Sure there are a few nice DX11 effects, but with current games It's not like going from DX 8.1 to DX 9, or even from DX 9.0c to DX 10. If you're happy with the performance of your 8800GTS then no need to upgrade just yet. If you want a new card, then it does make sense to get a DX 11 card and enjoy the nice extras. If you have an SLI board though, I would just add another 8800GTS (off ebay or something of course) for more performance.
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a b U Graphics card
September 13, 2010 9:38:08 PM

If you DO decide you can't live without DX11, I'd suggest getting something like an ATI 5850 or GTX 470. Simply because once you enable Tessellation and DX11, that's where you really start getting high end performance with all the features turned on. The best cases to display DX11 and Tessellation are games like Metro 2033, and that game cripples any video card if maxed out. :) 

For someone who's enjoying the 8800GTS performance, and just wondering if DX11 is nice or not, I don't think the GTX 460 is necessarily the upgrade to make. DX11 has some nice features, and does look pretty cool. But it's not absolutely breathtaking when compared to DX10.

Stick with what you have if it plays well for you, and wait until the ATI 5850's and GTX 470's come down to the 460 price. Then you can try out DX11 and have GOOD performance to boot!

EDIT: Btw, I should note I see "GOOD" performance well above 30FPS. I can't stand 30FPS anymore. LOL
a b U Graphics card
September 13, 2010 9:43:03 PM

Just a point about DX11. If I were upgrading to a single card i'd go Nvidia at the moment as they are a little stonger in DX11. However depending on how much you've got to spend you could always wait around another month or so until ATi release their new 6xxx series!