Toshiba vs WD 1Tb HDD?

I’m trying to compare a Western Digital Caviar black 1TB sata 3 HDD at 7200 rpm and 64 mb cache with a Toshiba HDD with the same Specifications

these are the items on newegg

the Toshiba is better priced but the has some suspect reviews about not working with win 7 and 8 and dying quickly. can anyone give an opinion in comparison of these 2 drives?
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  1. Dude604 said:
    Purchase the Western Digital Black Edition! We Use this at the shop! We Find that Toshiba & Seagates fail Much more frequently.
    Not to say Western Digital Doesnt Fail, How ever Western Digital BLUE & Green Edition are pretty Crappy quality, but the black Hard drive that you are looking at is excellent quality for a consumer end hard drives. I would recommend you go with that.

    i have a segate hdd lasting 6 years and not one single problem. WD went wacko with me in bout 2 - 3 years
  2. I had a Western Digital Black 1TB just die on me, just 8 months old. It was one of those purchases where I needed it right away to get a computer back online and the local store only carried Seagate, WD, Toshiba, but had stopped carrying Hitachi. Hitachi's will do circles around any WD or Seagate drive, expecially if you get the Enterprise class which has a 5 yr warranty. I just finished purchasing some on another site factory sealed 1TB for $90.00.
  3. i had three WD hdd, 1 Hitachi HDD, 1 Seagate HDD and 1 Toshiba HDD on my PC two of WD die and i have bring it to the expert to save my 1TB data and 1,5TB data on my WD. I think WD now is crap quality, the other hdd is more older several month than WD but still running fine on my PC. i allready use my WD about 2 year after its broken, i ussually upgrade my HDD after my data allready full, now using the WD i have to replace my HDD not upgraded...

    The best choice for your data i think Hitachi or Toshiba, its more tought i think.
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