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Hello. We're looking at some HP notebooks equipped with I7 740QM processors. The notebook spec say 16GB memory max, but intel's ark say 8GB max when looking at the processor.
Which is correct?
Is it 8GB per channel or total?

ps. anyone heard of a hp business laptop with sandy bridge processors? I can only find dv7's
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  1. I would go by what the notebook specs say. The Intel ark also says the P43 chipset won't support Pentium 4 or Pentium D, only Core 2 chips. I currently run a P43 chipset with a Pentium 4 670 3.8GHz CPU just fine. It's more about what the manufacturer will support on the board and BIOS, not what the original chipsets support from Intel.
  2. Nobody else?
    When we order a $2700 workstation I'd rather be sure it works than guess and pray.
  3. The only way to find out is contact someone HP or the dealer who will configure it for you. The CPU's internal memory controller does in fact only support 8GB of RAM. However, HP may have an external memory controller on the northbridge chipset. If HP does in fact have an external controller for the memory, then the memory access time would be slower, and no point to even use the i7 then.

    Also, if you need more responses for memory related questions, try to re-post your query in the memory section of the forum.

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